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  Your Postural Health Goals Like all  forms of treatment there are  things  a remedial massage therapist should be aware of and as a result it is important to find a highly qualified and experienced practitioner. All of our remedial massage therapists at Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies are fully qualified and have years of experience

Remedial Massage for Postural Imbalances | Melbourne Natural Therapies

Remedial Massage for Postural Imbalances One of the most common muscular imbalances we see in our Melbourne clinic is excessively tight chest muscles and weak back muscles. This is generally caused by spending long periods with our arms outstretched using keyboards, smart phones, tablets or driving. This results in shortening of the pec muscles in

Pilates Melbourne – For Core Strength | Melbourne Natural Therapies

Pilates Melbourne Having practiced in Melbourne for the past 10 years I have found that time and time again clients tell me that they have a sore back because they have a weak core. Whilst people are aware that there is some correlation between the muscles of their back and their ‘core’ muscles, many don’t

Can Remedial Massage Help With My Posture?

What a loaded question! The answer is really dependent on what is meant by the term posture as the term seems to mean many different things to many different people. Definition: “The position or bearing of the body whether characteristic or assumed for a special purpose” (Merriam-Webster) Posture or Structure? Type ‘posture’ into Google and

Posture and Remedial Massage/Myotherapy

  Posture is a sign of many different things occurring in your body. Some causes of poor posture can arise from your physical habits and/or your emotional and stress related patterns. Good posture is much more than simply sitting up straight or consciously adjusting yourself at your work station or chosen activity. Your ability to