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Pain in the mid to upper back can be caused by a multitude of reasons; desk work; poor posture; exercise; injury and more besides. Your remedial massage therapist will be able to provide massage to the problem areas and help to discover the cause. A regular deep tissue massage can also be a great preventative treatment to reduce the occurrence and severity of upper back pain in the future.

What Causes Upper Back Pain? | Upper Back Stretch

Two possible causes for recurring or persistent upper back pain are overly tight muscles between the shoulder blades and stretched and weak muscles between the shoulder blades. It’s important to determine which is the causative factor as the required treatment and preventative stretches will be quite different. Tight muscles in the chest for example may pull the shoulders forward, over stretching the muscles between the shoulder blades and causing pain in the upper back. See our video for pec stretches to relieve upper back pain caused by forward rolled shoulders.

The following upper back stretch is ideal for those who have tight muscles between the shoulder blades. This might be caused by excessive rowing action strength exercises at the gym (often prescribed to combat tight chest muscles) or perhaps from too often pulling the shoulders back in an effort to sit up straight.

Stretches for upper back pain


For this upper back stretch, Interlink fingers, palms towards you and out-stretch arms gently at a comfortable height

Gently roll chin to chest, releasing through the upper back to allow it to round just slightly

Stretch arms forward to feel a stretch between the shoulder blades.

To return to upright, allow the arms to gently release and unravel slowly through the spine to normal upright posture.