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Rhomboid Stretch

Stretches to lengthen the Rhomboid muscles between the shoulder blades can greatly assist in the reduction of tension in these muscles. For example: shoulder roll stretches, and simple rhomboid stretches (see Entegra Health Stretch Library here). Stretches to reduce tension in the Pectoral muscles in the anterior (front) muscles of the chest may also assist the reduction of tension in the upper back and Rhomboid area.    

Pectoral / Chest Stretch

Many simple stretches exist to effectively lengthen and reduce tension in the Pectoral muscles of the chest, requiring little equipment other than a wall or doorframe (see Entegra Health stretch library). Stretching the pecs also assists in the reduction of tension in the Rhomboid muscles, located posteriorly in the upper thoracic (back) area.    

Shoulder Rolls | Super Simple Shoulder Stretches

shoulder rolls

Stretching regularly doesn’t need to be difficult or even require time set aside each day. We’ve detailed here a super simple shoulder rolls stretch which can be done throughout the day, even sitting in your chair if need be…

Upper Back Stretch

upper back stretch

Pain in the mid to upper back can be caused by a multitude of reasons; desk work; poor posture; exercise; injury and more besides. Your remedial massage therapist will be able to provide massage to the problem areas and help to discover the cause.