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Cat Cow Stretch | How Can It Help?

cat cow stretchThe cat cow stretch is a slow gentle movement through 2 poses that helps with flexibility in the back, neck and shoulders. It can provide a slight strengthening exercise through the abs and also opens the chest, encouraging deep breathing. focussing on breathing through the transitions also reduces stress.

Making sure your spine has adequate flexibility and freedom of  movement helps to be more coordinated. We recommend trying cat cow daily or anytime you feel tight through the back, neck and shoulder to see how it can help you.

A Tip

If you have any particular neck issue that seems to be aggravated by cat cow you should try to keep your head in line with your body rather than dropping it forward or back. People with back injuries or women who are pregnant  should not let the stomach drop between repetitions, as this can put pressure the lower back. And if any stretch causes discomfort stop immediately

If you would like any further information give us a call and have a chat with one of our practitioners.

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Cat Cow Stretch

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