Forearm Flexor & Extensor Stretches | Great For Desk Workers

Forearm Stretches | Great Daily Stretches

forearm stretchesForearm stretches are really important for anyone doing repetitive work, especially desk workers and people with tendonitis and other repetitive strain injuries. Tension in the forearm flexors and/or extensors can cause micro-tearing, inflammation, and overall weakness in the forearm this leads to ongoing issue as we are unable to do our regular activities. 

What Are The Benefits?

  • Keep the flexor and extensors muscles balanced -Muscle imbalance can cause joints to sit in awkeward positions which can lead to bigger issues later on.
  • Maintain healthy length of muscles and tendons – in order for muscles to be at the strongest it is important that they are at their full length. If the muscles are strong we are less prone to injury.

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Is Stretching Important?

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