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Corporate massage is changing to reflect the changing corporate environment. Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies offer a modern approach to corporate health and wellness initiatives. 

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Changes to the office environment

More people are now working from home in full or part-time capacities and this can mean they miss out on corporate health programs traditionally delivered in-house. But they don’t have to. 

The socially-distanced office environment also means that corporate health initiatives, such as seated remedial massage, aren’t as easy to deliver as they once were and with some offices still not running at full capacity, scheduling days and times when all staff can take advantage of the sessions can be tricky.

So how can corporate health initiatives be effectively implemented in today’s circumstances and are they worth it?

Why implement a remedial massage programme?

Previous studies have cited huge financial losses attributed to workplace absenteeism and presenteeism caused by physical and mental pain and distress. The changed work environments we’ve experienced most recently are compounding these existing stresses; many employees working from home do not now have appropriate ergonomic set-ups or access to them; many are facing uncertainty over their job security; financial stresses are greater; the balance of work and family life may be more precarious; bearing the stresses of other family members weighs heavily. 

corporate health melbourneIt is a fact that stress and many physical discomforts can easily be minimised or prevented through the application of remedial massage treatments. Benefits to the individual include:

  • reduction of stress hormones and calming of the nervous system; 
  • improved blood flow, circulation and elimination of wastes and toxins; 
  • relief of muscular tension, pain, headaches and migraines; 
  • increased mobility and flexibility; 
  • relief from anxiety; 
  • reduction of insomnia 

Reducing physical and mental stress in employees also creates benefits for the employer including:

  • increased motivation and productivity;
  • increased employee morale, energy, creativity and mental clarity; 
  • reduction in workplace injury claims;
  • wellness programs help to attract and retain key talent;
  • prevents the build up of stress
  • saves money

How is corporate massage implemented in 2021 and beyond?

Rather than offering in-house services, Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies recommends a rebate system, where those employees choosing to utilise the services made available to them by their employer, receive a rebate from their employer in return for taking initiative and control of their own health and wellness needs. 

Benefits of the rebate system | Corporate Massage Melbourne

  • Generally, corporate remedial massage services are a 100% tax deductible health benefit when offered to all employees
  • Services and providers can be numerous and not limited to one company or modality, allowing greater access and the ability to be implemented nationwide and even globally
  • Better quality and specific treatment for the individual. In-house services can be more of a ‘treat’ rather than a ‘treatment’ as they are usually short introductory sessions rather than full treatments.  A private appointment offers greater health benefits
  • Builds a good work culture which values health and makes wellbeing an integral part of company life
  • Suits those employees who need regular help as well as those who choose more sporadic health care according to their needs
  • Can be more easily tailored to individual needs such as during pregnancy or for staff with special needs
  • Greater flexibility for booking reduces the anxiety of ‘finding time’ for those with busy schedules 
  • A business which enables its staff to invest in good exercise, diet and lifestyle choices, will have a fitter, stronger and healthier workforce
  • Advocates personal responsibility for health and wellness, greater resilience and less reliance through education and acceptance of health and wellness as something which, for the most part, individuals must take charge of for themselves, and is not something that is done for them
  • Doesn’t require installing or using employee resources or physical facilities
  • Best value, economic sense and a better life-long company initiative

mobile massage melbournePromoting and implementing a benefit program for your workforce

We can provide promotional material which will introduce your staff to us as a local service, always at their disposal, with flexible booking options. 

For further information and examples of promotional material, please contact us.

We are also able to organise in-house corporate massage services which can be delivered as one-off, introductory promotional visits to bring your new benefits program to the attention of your staff. 

Get started today | Corporate Massage Melbourne

Implementing a corporate remedial massage benefits program is a fantastic way of improving productivity, boosting morale, reducing stress and as a result, reducing work-related health costs. 

A benefits program will reward those who take the initiative to book themselves in for treatments and rather than spend several hundred dollars a week on corporate massage, you’re spending less, getting better care and creating a terrific health culture.

We look forward to helping you achieve a healthier and happier workforce. 

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. 

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