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Corporate Health & Mobile Massage Melbourne

Seated Remedial Massage

corporate massage melbourneWe provide mobile remedial massage in the Melbourne area.  The treatments are tailored to the individual’s needs including treatment of stress, headaches, shoulder tension, back pain, neck pain, postural problems and RSIs. The sessions are extremely well received by employees and can be arranged as an ongoing program.

Massage bookings ideally require an allocated space/room for the treatments for privacy and maximum benefit. Our therapist will provide a massage chair for the treatments. No clothing is removed and 10-15 minute bookings are suggested to minimise disruption to the working day.

At-desk massages can be provided in offices where time and space is an issue.

Posture and Ergonomic Assessments

Corporate Health MelbourneDespite ergonomically designed chairs and desks, neck and back pain and RSIs are still all too common, cause many days off work and can lead to psychological stress as well.

At Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies we prefer not only to look at the external environment i.e. the desk set-up but also assist in recognising and changing poor postural habits to reduce patterns of tension that occur from desk work and make positive changes to restore the natural poise and balance of the body.

We find this to be the most effective delivery of assessments as in the longer term, self-improvement is the most beneficial and cost effective method for managing and preventing the occurrence of pain and discomfort.

  • Wherever possible, simple, no-cost changes will be implemented such as altering desk height, chair height, desk arrangement, etc.
  • Designed to teach employees what they can do for themselves in order to eliminate aches, pains and discomforts.
  • Allow staff the opportunity to discuss any musculoskeletal health concerns they may have and any follow-up treatments will be advised if indicated.

Assessments are done at the individual’s workstation. We strongly advise spending 15 mins per person so that we can make the most effective changes possible, however we are able to spend 10 mins per person if required.

Corporate Yoga & Pilates

Corporate yoga melbourneWe are able to run small group yoga and Pilates classes at your office if you have a suitable room with adequate floor space in which to hold them.  We prefer classes to have no more than 10 people and can provide mats and equipment for up to 10 people.

A regular yoga and/or Pilates class is ideal for providing gentle exercise for your staff which will also improve their body awareness, posture, energy levels and concentration.

If you do not have adequate space at your office we can organise classes of up to 4 people in-clinic at Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies at a time that suits you.

Spine, Posture and Injury Assessments

These assessments give your employees the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation about any pain or symptoms they are experiencing and have their posture examined. If treatment is indicated, further recommendations can be made.

Assessments are conducted in a separate room and take 15 mins.

Remedial In-Home Massage

Remedial massage is highly affective at treating anxiety, depression, stress and it can also help the immune system. We provide high quality mobile massage in the Melbourne area, many clients suffering from the above issues find in-home treatment to be much more therapeutic. Our experienced mobile remedial massage therapists offer a full range of massage services in your own home.

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