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In the modern work environment employees are spending more and more time at their desks. Some of our clients at Melbourne Natural Therapies estimate they are at their desk for 80% of their work day. Stress in the workplace is also becoming a major problem and can be a common cause of absenteeism and workplace injuries in Melbourne.

Implementing a corporate remedial massage program with Melbourne Natural Therapies can be a fantastic way of improving productivity, boosting morale, reducing stress and as a result reducing work-related health costs.

Melbourne Natural Therapies offer both seated and table remedial massage.

Why Implement A Remedial Massage Program At Your Workplace? | Corporate Massage Melbourne

Some studies indicate that a basic 15 minute remedial chair massage not only decreased stress but significantly increased alertness and productivity. Some of the other health benefits associate with remedial massage include:

  • Increases employee morale.
  • Prevents long term stress resulting in higher productivity and less health care.
  • Improves staff relations and enhances work environment.
  • Helps to attract and retain key talent.
  • Increases energy, creativity and mental clarity.
  • Increases motivation and productivity.
  • Relief of muscular tension and pain.
  • Calms the nervous system.
  • Improved circulation and elimination of wastes and toxins.
  • Increased mobility and greater flexibility.
  • Relief from anxiety, headaches and migraines.
  • Reduces insomnia.

How Does It Work? | Corporate Massage Melbourne

  • Seated massage can be done at the convenience of your desk, workstation, or meeting room
  • Recipient is fully clothed
  • No oils or creams are used
  • Soft, relaxing music can be played upon request
  • Specific issues can be focused on if requested
  • Generally Corporate Remedial Massage Services are a 100% tax deductible health benefit when offered to all employees.

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