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Having practiced in Melbourne for the past 10 years I have found that time and time again clients tell me that they have a sore back because they have a weak core. Whilst people are aware that there is some correlation between the muscles of their back and their ‘core’ muscles, many don’t really understand which their core muscles really are or how to activate them correctly.

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With Pilates classes at Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies, firstly I aim to teach people what is really meant by the core muscles. An awareness of what muscle group you are really trying to target, where that muscle group is actually located and how to correctly activate that muscle group specifically, is of utmost importance.

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I urge people to have at least one initial one-on-one Pilates lesson before embarking on a small group class. The individual attention you will receive in a private Pilates class will undoubtedly help to improve your core strength by educating you on what and where your core really is. You will learn how it works and how you need to be positioned to activate it correctly.  We all vary in our strengths and weaknesses, our size, shape and posture and it is the little adjustments that are specific to you that will really hone your skills in Pilates and establish the strong core you set out to achieve.

More often than not, before a private Pilates class, people tell me that they have never really thought about what they’re doing when they exercise or how they are doing it. I use a variety of techniques in my Pilates classes here in Melbourne to help you improve your body awareness for effective core activation including hands on guidance for sensory feedback and imagery and metaphors to engage your thinking and mental awareness of what is happening within your body. This all helps to get the correct activation of those all-important core muscles.

At Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies you may book private Pilates classes through our online booking system or by phoning the clinic. Small group classes run in short courses of 8 weeks. Reserving a space on a course is discounted from the casual drop in price*. Performing Pilates exercises at least twice a week will help you see greater improvements; booking 2 or more classes per week for the whole 8 week course is discounted further.

*As there are limited spaces, only some small group Pilates classes have drop in availability; please check in our online booking system (you must book at least 2 hours ahead) or call the clinic.

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