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Glute Bridge Exercise

The glute or shoulder bridge exercise is a staple of many exercise forms from Pilates, to yoga, to online zoom exercise classes…

Downward Facing Dog

Start in a 4 point kneel, toes tucked under. Sit back towards the heels and stretch the hands further forward a little further if required in order to feel a lengthening from hips to fingers and a somewhat flat back…

Bodyweight Squats

When the body is unbalanced during bodyweight squats there can be undue load on certain structures which may induce injury…

Bird Dog Core Exercise

Bird dog is a core exercise used in many forms of exercise from yoga to Pilates to gym workouts. It requires core strength and extensor muscle strength but also balance and body awareness to perform well…

Sit Up Straighter More Easily | Seated Exercise

Roll up onto the sit bones by imagining a little more space between your pubic bone and your ribcage….

Spiky Ball Routine For The Upper Body

Alleviating upper back, neck and shoulder pain with a spiky ball or similar, is an easy way to get some relief from your symptoms between remedial massage appointments. 

Seated Stretches For Desk Workers

Long periods of sitting typically causes pain and discomfort in the neck, shoulders and lower back. These are not the only areas to cause pain; headaches, tingling in the fingers, tennis elbow, hip pain as well as a host of other symptoms can be really quite common in desk workers…

Shoulder Strength Exercises

A poor desk set-up, stiff and inflexible bodies, poor body awareness, too much time spent in the same position – there are many causes for back, neck and shoulder pain due to sitting at a desk.


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Quad Stretch | Stretches for Tight Legs

Quadriceps Stretch | The big muscles of the legs can benefit from a routine quadriceps stretch. Not only can our leg muscles get tight from exercising…

Hip & Glute Stretch

This stretch is recommended for those with a posterior pelvic tilt and may work well in conjunction with hamstring stretches.

Psoas Stretch

This psoas stretch is ideal for those with an anterior pelvic tilt or an overly arched lower back. It works well with stretches for the quadriceps.

Triceps Stretch | Easy Arm Stretches

The triceps are what we call the muscles that run down the back of your arm. If you experience pain in that region, have elbow pain or difficulty fully extending your arms

Shoulder Rolls | Super Simple Shoulder Stretches

Stretching regularly doesn’t need to be difficult or even require time set aside each day. We’ve detailed here a super simple shoulder rolls stretch which can be done throughout the day, even sitting in your chair if need be…

Upper Back Stretch

Pain in the mid to upper back can be caused by a multitude of reasons; desk work; poor posture; exercise; injury and more besides. Your remedial massage therapist will be able to provide massage to the problem areas and help to discover the cause.

Scalenes Stretch

We absolutely encourage gentle stretches of the neck in order to relieve pain and feelings of tightness in the neck…

Piriformis Stretch

Piriformis is a muscle lying obliquely from the back of the femur, or thigh bone to the sacrum. It’s job is to externally rotate and extend the leg at the hip joint.

Sternocleidomastoid | Neck Stretch

Gently stretching the muscles surrounding the cervical spine (our neck) can help to improve our posture.

Side Bend Stretch | Back Stretches

The side bend stretch is a great stretch for the whole side of the body including the arm, shoulder, back and the side of the hip.

Pec Stretch | Stretches For Rounded Shoulders

Doing a pec stretch regularly can be a great option for modern workers. A common postural complaint and one that can be exacerbated by office work is forward or rounded shoulders.

Pilates Roll Down | Back Stretch For Extensor Muscle Group

This is a great stretch to do several times a day to relieve tightness in the back at any level of the spine and to bring an awareness of posture, balance and core control.

Calf Muscle Stretch

The calves can often become tight and when they do they can become quite uncomfortable and often lead to more significant and chronic problems including plantar fasciitis.

Hamstring Stretch | Excellent For People Doing Seated Work

The hamstrings are actually 3 individual muscles which run down the back of your thigh. They are attached at the top to your sit bones, the lumpy little rockers at the bottom of the pelvis which we sit on.

Levator Scapulae Stretch | Excellent Neck Stretch For Computer Workers

This Levator Scapulae Stretch can be used daily to maintain flexibility in the neck.

Forearm Flexor & Extensor Stretches | Great For Desk Workers

Forearm stretches are really important for anyone doing repetitive work, especially desk workers and people with tendonitis and other repetitive strain injuries.

Cat Cow Stretch | Great For Relieving Back And Shoulder Tension

The cat cow stretch is a slow gentle movement through 2 poses that helps with flexibility in the back, neck and shoulders.

Adductor Stretch | Great Hip Stretch For Flexibility

Adductor tension is a very common problem these days and as such it is important to add an adductor stretch to you daily routine.

Strength Exercies

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Glute Bridge Exercise

The glute or shoulder bridge exercise is a staple of many exercise forms from Pilates, to yoga, to online zoom exercise classes…

Traps Exercise

Place your hands on your hips with the fingertips pointing down. Ensure the shoulder is not rolled forwards by imagining your shoulder blades sliding gently towards the centre of your back, or your back pocket.

Strengthening Around The Knee Joint

The knee joint is primarily a hinge joint. Simplified, the quadriceps, a group of muscles along the front of the thigh, work to extend the leg at the knee joint (straighten it) and the hamstrings, a group of muscles along the back of the thigh, work to bend the leg at the knee joint.

Standing Pilates | Pilates Skier Exercise

From standing, fold at the hip, knee and ankle joints into a small squat position maintaining length in the spine. Engage through the deep core muscles and transfer the weight into one leg without dropping or hitching one side of the pelvis

External Rotation Exercise For Rounded Shoulders

When the arms are held forward of the body for extended periods as they often are in desk work and keyboard use, the whole shoulder girdle becomes tight and uncomfortable and the shoulders appear to be perpetually rounded.

Preventing Forward Head Posture | Neck Strength

Sitting or standing upright, with the torso stacked above the pelvis, slide the head backwards, to bring the head back over the torso…

Ankle Strength Exercise

Weak ankles may put you at increased risk of injury due to problems with balance, stability and altered locomotion. Conversely, strong, mobile ankle joints will allow for efficient gait, increased propulsion, improved ability to navigate uneven terrain and a reduction in injuries at other joints throughout the body. Use this ankle strength exercise to help your ankles.

Is Stretching Important?

Is Stretching Important?

There is a lot of debate around the importance of stretching, one of the main problems is that much of the research is based on athletes and sports people. Obviously sports people are getting a lot of activity in their day and have great circulation in the muscles which makes us suspect that they may not need as much stretching as the average office worker.

In our opinion stretching is important, as it keeps the muscles active, flexible, strong, and healthy. Without adequate blood supply and flexibility in the muscles we are unable to maintain our exercise levels which is what will ultimately keep us fit and healthy.

Sitting is a major problem in the modern work environment and is a great example of how muscular tension occurs. Sitting for long periods causes tightness in the hamstring muscles in the back of the upper leg. This tension and shortening of the muscle reduces the range of the knee joint and can impact your walking, running and other activities. As you are also moving differently it can make you more susceptible to injuries.

As regular stretching keeps the muscle as close to it’s full length as possible it gives you more power in the muscles and doesn’t put as much pressure on the body as a whole.

physiotherapy melbourneWhich Muscles Should I Focus on? | Is Stretching Important?

If we were to stretch every muscle in the body daily we wouldn’t have time for anything else! Firstly we need ti figure out which muscles we as an individual are shortening on a daily basis and come up with a specific stretch regime you our body. A remedial massage therapist, myotherapist or physiotherapist can help with this. Also with regular treatment we become aware of areas in our body that are tight as this can change over the year depending on our activities or inactivity.

Give It Time | Is Stretching Important?

Stretching takes time! Don’t expect 1 or 2 stretch sessions to “fix” your issues. In many cases this tension has built up over month, years or decades. As such stretching should be an ongoing lifestyle change and you should see cumulative effects.

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