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WHAT IS THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUEWhat is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander technique, developed by F.M Alexander teaches you how to improve your posture, muscle tone, ease of movement, flexibility, balance and breath.  It is applicable to all activities in life and has many health benefits.  It is considered to be primarily an educational process to be practiced by the student, rather than a treatment or therapy that is done to you. Generally, it does not consist of routine exercises, but is meant to be applied in any moment when quality improvements are desired during action.There is clinical evidence to prove its efficacy at managing chronic and recurring back pain and it can help to relieve other aches, pains, RSIs, breathing and vocal problems, neurological disorders and poor posture.

What is the Alexander Technique Used For?

  • Develop ease and efficiency of movement
  • Improve your posture
  • Develop better flexibility, balance and co-ordination
  • Improve over-all well-being
  • Enhance your sporting ability, strength and stamina
  • Help breathing difficulties and improve the voice and public performance
  • Assist with symptoms of neurological disorders
  • Useful during pregnancy
  • Applicable to all activities and suitable for all ages

How to Learn the Alexander Technique

Teachers use demonstration, explanation, and repeated re-examination of a student’s spontaneous reactions.Teachers assist their students with any activity, from the routine everyday movements such as standing and sitting to the more specialized such as sport or an artistic performance. Light hand contact by the teacher is most often used to detect and deal with the student’s unnecessary stress. Verbal instruction and gentle guidance are specific to each client’s needs.

A course of lessons is required, with most people having somewhere between 10 and 40 lessons.  Lessons with Cal Savage are 40 minutes in duration.

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