Alexander technique for Back Pain Sufferers in Melbourne


sports-injury-treatment-melbourneYou may not have heard of Alexander technique but it is one of the best treatments for reducing back pain and for preventing its re-occurrence long term. Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies based in Southbank and only 5 minutes’ walk from Melbourne CBD offers Alexander technique amongst other complementary musculoskeletal modalities. Our Alexander technique teacher is also a remedial massage therapist and Pilates instructor which allows for a well-rounded and thorough approach to help Melbourne residents and workers deal with both acute and chronic back, neck, shoulder and limb pain.

Alexander technique is different from other health treatments that treat back pain as it works to teach the student to recognise their own faulty habits around thought and movement and then through a process of inhibiting such habits and mentally directing themselves, begin to use their body in a more balanced and effective way. Working one to one with our Alexander technique teacher, lessons will educate back pain sufferers in Melbourne to reduce their own pain symptoms and to learn effective movement patterns to apply in the longer term for a back pain free life.

You do not need to have back pain to take Alexander technique lessons; whether you are active or inactive, run around Melbourne at lunchtime or sit for hours glued to your desk, Alexander technique can teach improved postural awareness for everyone and lead to more flexible, easeful and fluid ways of moving for all.

To book an introductory lesson to Alexander technique please call or email the clinic.

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