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Previously under the name of “Entegra Health”. Our Brunswick clinic was opened in December 2020 and provides remedial massage and myotherapy. The clinic is on Albert Street just off Sydney road and very close to transport via Sydney Road tram or metro train to Brunswick station. We provide myotherapy and remedial massage services.


1/272 Albert Street, Brunswick VIC 3056

0483 807 887

Open Hours
Mon to Fri: 8am-8pm
Sat and Sun: 10am-5pm

brunswick clinicWhy Melbourne Natural Therapies?

Our fully qualified and registered therapists here at MCNT offer the best in remedial, medical and natural treatments, tailor made to fit our client’s needs. Our attention is directed towards individualised care and education. Our therapists are here to help with any problem, if you have health insurance we are able to offer you an immediate rebate for your appointment. 


Our Clinic Services in Brunswick:

Remedial Massage Brunswick

Remedial Massage is a technique and service directed towards the treatment of muscular damage or pain that can impede on movement and operation. It can be used as a corrective or preventative tool in the rehabilitation of muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. 

What we offer in our sessions may include the following: Massage, cupping, postural assessment and correction, trigger point therapy, myofascial dry needling and release, thermal therapy/ Cryotherapy, as well as incorporating corrective exercises i.e. stretching/strength building.

Myotherapy Brunswick

Initially a term used to depict a form of trigger point therapy, myotherapists assess, treat and rehabilitate muscular pain, dysfunction and related ailments. In the 1970s myotherapy was advanced by Dr Travell and Simons via their studies in pain therapy related to myofascial trigger points, otherwise known as knots. 

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a tool used by our practitioners that utilises suction or negative pressure to draw up the muscle, tissue and skin. The implementation of cupping as part of our remedial and myotherapy session offering works to release adhesions, loosen constricted muscles and expand connective tissue, as well as carry blood flow to the area of focus . 

Dry Needling Brunswick

Dry Needling is an instrumental technique we use in our sessions for reduction in myofascial dysfunction and/or pain. It is a method that draws on neurophysiology and western anatomical principles that aid in the treatment of myofascial trigger points.  The appearance of these trigger points can be seen in both chronic to short-term pain cases; the research of Dr Hendler and Kozikowski have suggested that trigger points are one of the most overlooked diagnosis in patient that suffer chronic pain. 

remedial massage brunswickDeep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue is a generic massage method that uses firm pressure massage as opposed to remedial or myotherapy. Frequent use of deep tissue massage can be effective in the release of tight muscles and for the conservation of muscle health. We recommend this technique for our clients who have do not have distinct areas of discomfort/injury., and more-so general pain. 

Relaxation Massage Brunswick

Relaxation massage is a wonderful way to ease stress from both body and mind. It is a lighter and more free-flowing style of massage than our other available forms of massage. Our fully qualified and registered therapists can tailor relaxation massage sessions to your liking, such as desired pressure, whether that be lighter or heavier pressure. 

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