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Massage MelbourneWhat is relaxation massage? 

A relaxation massage is designed to aid relaxation. This means that it is often more gentle and flowing than a remedial massage. All our therapists are fully trained and able to adapt to your preferred pressure so relaxation massages can be very light or use slightly firmer pressure. The whole session will use soothing hands-on massage techniques. Our massage oil contains shea butter to moisturise your skin whilst gently kneading and easing away tension.

Relaxation massages are ideal for whole body relaxation so appointments are a little longer in order to accommodate this. Our clinic rooms are warm and comfortable which means you can feel thoroughly at ease.

What is relaxation massage? How Does Relaxation Massage Differ From Other Forms?

Relaxation Massage Is much less specific than other forms of specialised massage such as Myotherapy or Deep Tissue. Generally a relaxation massage has a set routine as apposed to a remedial session where the therapist will deal with specific areas where issues may be present.

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remedial massage MelbourneA Brief History Of Massage Therapy

Massage dates back thousands of years and was used by many cultures as a medical modality from then until today. Written records referring to massage as a form of treatment date back to 2700 BC.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine.” is one an extremely important classic text of Taoism, it is the first known text on traditional Chinese medicine and includes a vast knowledge of massage therapy. The text is credited to Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor, who ruled during the third millennium BC.

Into the Medical Industry | Massage Melbourne

In the 1800s Swedish doctor Per Henril Ling developed the “Swedish Movement System”. This method is believed to have laid the groundwork for Swedish massage, which is the most commonly used form of massage in the western world. Later in the 1800s, Dutchman Johan Georg Mezger developed the main strokes that we still use in swedish massage to this day.

Today the most common types of massage practiced in the western hemisphere are Swedish massage and the Japanese massage practice of Shiatsu.

massage melbourneWhere Is the Industry Headed? | Massage Melbourne

Many people are discovering massage therapy as a great treatment modality for a broad range of conditions, all the way from acute muscular pain to chronic issues such as circulatory disorders, osteoporosis and even psychological disorders.

From a physical point of view massage can help move fluids around the body and re-oxygenate tissues however, there are also major health and wellbeing benefits that can be achieved through human touch taking place.

modern medicine is now recognising massage therapy as a valuable treatment modality, now being considered a “complementary” rather than “alternative” therapy. Massage therapists are now often integrated within medical centres and hospitals. Most health insurance companies are now also recognising and providing rebate for massage therapy.

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