Remedial massage is an allied health treatment that assesses and treats many musculoskeletal disorders and acute or chronic conditions. Massage has been used for centuries in many different forms, to reduce pain and muscle tension, improve circulation, relieve stress and lower anxiety. In addition to this, remedial massage can also help improve joint mobility, assist lymphatic flow and speed up the recovery process. As remedial massage targets the deeper layers of muscles, some people may experience mild soreness after the session. So, is it normal to be sore after a remedial massage session and how long does this soreness last?

Is it normal to be sore after a remedial massage session?

Although it is normal to feel mild pain and soreness post-massage, severe pain shouldn’t be experienced and is not common. During a remedial massage session your muscles will go through a lot of stretching and manipulation, this can cause micro-trauma to the muscles in the same way lifting weights does. Similar to working out, if you haven’t had massage before, or haven’t had massage for a long time, it is common to feel sore after the first couple of sessions.

Although some people may experience mild discomfort during sessions or post-massage, remedial massage shouldn’t be painful. Our therapists do not believe in the “no-pain, no-gain” approach to remedial massage. 

How to Minimise Muscle Soreness

If you do experience soreness after your remedial massage session, there are a few things you can do to prevent/minimise some of the next-day soreness:

  • if you experience pain during the remedial massage session, communicate this to your therapist immediately; everyone has a different tolerance when it comes to dealing with pain; your massage therapist will adjust the pressure, intensity, and duration of the treatment accordingly 
  • try to be as relaxed as possible during and after your remedial massage session, tightening your muscles during a massage can exacerbate the pain
  • stay well hydrated; before and after massage – well hydrated muscles are easier to work on, and drinking plenty of water after the massage helps reduce any inflammation produced during the massage session
  • if possible, do some gentle activity in the hours after your massage session, this will keep the muscles warm, hydrated and relaxed
  • additionally you can take a warm bath or use a heat pack on any sore areas

We hope this answers any questions you have about post massage soreness, If you have any additional questions feel free to give us a call. 

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