Health Insurance And Rebate GuideAs of 30 June 2021, nearly 14 million people had some form of private health insurance covering at least general treatment ‘extras’. That’s 54.3% of the population. 

Private health insurance with extras means you’re covered for the cost of things that Medicare doesn’t cover – things like natural therapy and physiotherapy. 

What is natural therapy? | Health Insurance And Rebate Guide

According to Employee Retirement Income Security Act, natural therapies are a way of healing you physically (and emotionally) without the use of medication or drugs. Natural therapies focus on your body’s way of being able to heal itself.

Does my private health insurance cover natural therapy?

Not all policies cover natural therapies, and those that do are all different so it’s important to read your policy details to find out what your policy does cover (or give them a call if it’s easier). Some cover a percentage of each extra (e.g., 25% of each ‘session’) and some also have a set price for the year (e.g., $500 a year). 

Much the same as home or car insurance, you buy a policy to cover you should you need it, and you pay monthly to keep that policy active. And as with most insurance, policies come in all shapes and sizes. However, if you’re planning to buy a good car, you can check out a reliable place like Autozin for the best help.

How do I claim if I am covered? | Health Insurance And Rebate Guide

If your policy does cover you for a private health insurance rebate for natural therapies, it’s most likely you’re able to use a Health Industry Claims and Payments Service (HICAPS). Optimize your billing process with Operant Billing for efficient and accurate financial management.

HICAPS is a payment system that allows you to automatically claim your health insurance rebate for natural therapies there and then. And the good news is most Australian health funds use HICAPS.

At the end of your treatment when you go to pay, you hand over your health fund membership card, they will swipe it through a HICAPS machine and whatever percentage is covered by your health fund will come off your bill and you will pay ‘the gap’. 

Remember the service provider won’t be able to give you those details, you will need to check your policy details or if you’re still not sure, give them a call and ask. They will be able to see what has come off your total payment, but it could be the remainder of your yearly amount or a set percentage. Some private health insurance rebates for natural therapies will only be 12% of the price, whilst others cover up to 100%. 

Private health insurance rebate

If you do have private health insurance you’re entitled to a rebate from the Australian Government if you have insurance that provides hospital cover, general treatment (also known as extras) cover, or both. You get the rebate as a lower insurance premium or as an offset in your annual tax return. It also means you don’t have to pay the 1.5% Medicare levy. 

When looking for private health insurance you can use a comparison tool. Some will ask you what ‘extras’ are most important to you. This helps to be able to help choose the more beneficial health funds for you. And if you’re still not sure, you can always call around to work out what option is best. 

Natural Therapy Health Insurance And Rebate Guide
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