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As a team of massage therapists dedicated to our clients and our community as a whole, we are currently offering free 15 minute telehealth consultations to discuss symptoms and advise on home care.

Bodyweight Squats

When the body is unbalanced during bodyweight squats there can be undue load on certain structures which may induce injury…

Bird Dog Core Exercise

Bird dog is a core exercise used in many forms of exercise from yoga to Pilates to gym workouts. It requires core strength and extensor muscle strength but also balance and body awareness to perform well…

Traps Exercise

Place your hands on your hips with the fingertips pointing down. Ensure the shoulder is not rolled forwards by imagining your shoulder blades sliding gently towards the centre of your back, or your back pocket.

Strengthening Around The Knee Joint

The knee joint is primarily a hinge joint. Simplified, the quadriceps, a group of muscles along the front of the thigh, work to extend the leg at the knee joint (straighten it) and the hamstrings, a group of muscles along the back of the thigh, work to bend the leg at the knee joint.

Sit Up Straighter More Easily | Seated Exercise

Roll up onto the sit bones by imagining a little more space between your pubic bone and your ribcage….

Standing Pilates | Pilates Skier Exercise

From standing, fold at the hip, knee and ankle joints into a small squat position maintaining length in the spine. Engage through the deep core muscles and transfer the weight into one leg without dropping or hitching one side of the pelvis

Hot Stones With Remedial Massage, Great For Melbourne’s Cold Months!

Hot Stones With Remedial Massage | Increased muscular tension during the colder months is a very common symptom we treat at Melbourne Natural Therapies…

External Rotation Exercise For Rounded Shoulders

When the arms are held forward of the body for extended periods as they often are in desk work and keyboard use, the whole shoulder girdle becomes tight and uncomfortable and the shoulders appear to be perpetually rounded.

Online Remedial Massage Bookings

online remedial massage bookingsWe offer a simple, easy to use online booking system for our clients. Please choose the modality type, then practitioner of you choice, you will then be given the available time slots that you can choose from. If you have any trouble using our system don’t hesitate to get in touch (CONTACT US)

We believe customer appointment management scheduling software is crucial for a modern practice and offers the client a flexible way to schedule their appointments. We have many clients these days scheduling their next appointment well after our trading hours.

Our web-based system is provided by Cliniko which is the leading client management company for allied health in Australia. They offer secure appointment scheduling tools and features on a cloud hosted software solution. Cliniko follow industry standards in terms of security to protect your personally information that is submitted. We do not take credit card information through the software and all payments are made in the clinic.

Prefer To Book By Phone?

If you prefer to make your bookings by phone give us a call to discuss your preferred time. We don’t have a receptionist so if we don’t answer your call leave us a message and one of our practitioners will get back to you as soon as they are free.

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If email is you preferred method of booking please contact us with you name phone number and some times and dates that would suit you. We will get back to you as soon as we are available.

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