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The Melbourne CBD clinic was the second of our clinics. The clinic was opened in 2014 within a shared space on Little Collins Street, the clinic was relocated in early 2023 to it’s current location in The Block Arcade. We provide myotherapy and remedial massage services.

Suite 224, The Block Arcade, 98-100 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, VIC, AU

0493 114 520

Open Hours
Mon to Fri: 8am-8pm
Sat and Sun: 10am-5pm

Why Melbourne Natural Therapies?

Melbourne Natural Therapies provide high quality services delivered by fully qualified and registered therapists. Our focus is on individualised care and education to resolve the issues you are experiencing. Our therapists are all registered with the major health fund insurers, if you have health insurance we can provide an instant rebate for your session.


Our Services in Melbourne CBD:

Remedial Massage Melbourne CBD

Remedial Massage is a modality that treats muscular pain, dysfunction and/or injury that can negatively impact your function and mobility. Remedial massage can help prevent, correct and rehabilitate the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.

A sessions can include massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial dry needling, myofascial release, cupping, thermal therapy / Cryotherapy, postural assessment and correction, corrective exercises (stretches, strength).

Myotherapy Melbourne CBD

myotherapy melbourne

Myotherapists assess, treat and rehabilitate muscular pain, dysfunction and associated issues. Myotherapy was a term originally used to describe a form of trigger point therapy which came about in the 1970s. It was developed by Dr Travell and Simons research that suggested the cause of many pain related issues in the body were due to myofascial trigger points (knots).

Cupping Therapy

As part of remedial and myotherapy session, our practitioners may use cupping. cupping uses negative pressure/suction to draw on the skin and underlying muscle/tissue. Cups can loosen adhesions, stretch connective tissue, release tight muscle and bring blood flow to the area treated. 

Dry Needling Melbourne CBD

Dry Needling is a very effective treatment that can reduce myofascial dysfunction and pain. Dry needling developed from western anatomy and neurophysiology principles to treat myofascial trigger points. 

Trigger points are often present in both chronic and acute pain issues. Hendler and Kozikowski site trigger points as one of the most missed diagnosis in chronic pain clients.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue is a general technique as opposed to remedial and myotherapy, it uses only firm pressure massage. Having deep tissue massage regularly can be very useful for the maintenance of muscular health and wellbeing. Deep tissue is often best for those people who don’t have specific pain, discomfort or injury. 

Relaxation Massage Melbourne CBD

Relaxation massage is a fantastic way to reduce stress. This modality is more flowing and light than the other forms of massage. Our massage therapists are fully qaulified with at least a diploma of remedial massage, they are able to adjust the session to your preferred pressure. Relaxation massages can be either light or heavy pressure.

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