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Alexander TechniqueAlexander technique is a modality can help people to understand their body better and maximise their potential in their chosen activity of career. Alexander technique uses no specialised equipment, it teaches you to use your body in a more efficient and effective way to maintain better ways to use your body.

Many clients find it beneficial when they begin a new exercise program but are worried that stiffness, pain or injury will hold them back. It can also be useful to improve an activity such as your golf swing or running style.

Alexander technique teachers use their knowledge of biomechanics (how the body moves) to ensure movements are completed with the best possible technique to allow you to gain greater flexibility, posture, muscle tone, balance and breath.

What Happens In A Session?

Alexander technique is an individualised approach to learning about your habitual patterns that can limit your potential. In a session you are instructed on how to move more easily and economically, this can make you feel more able to begin that exercise program, join the kids in a game of Frisbee at the park or take part in that charity fun run.

By using your body as it was designed to be used, you will notice significant gains in your strength, balance, agility, endurance and overall comfort. The best thing is that with Alexander technique there is no reliance on fancy equipment, it gives you the knowledge and the tools to improve yourself, without manipulation, so the results are empowering and sustainable.

How It Helps?

When about to perform an action we must first inhibit our desire to end-gain (to focus on the end result) as this will only bring about habitual patterns of use.  Inhibition allows for something different to happen.  We must instead think about the means-whereby we are able to perform that action.  In Alexander technique we do this through giving ourselves mental orders (directions) to allow the neck to be free, the head to go forward and up and the back to lengthen and widen.  An Alexander technique teacher will teach you how to inhibit and direct and use your thinking to effect physical changes, bring about lengthening of the spine and better biomechanics.

Years of faulty biomechanics will have caused in us faulty sensory perception; that is, what we feel is ‘right’ will be wrong and what feels wrong will indeed be right! Imagine for instance a person whom has a very tight lower back and an increased lumbar curve which causes them low back pain and sciatica.  If this person was to be told to ‘stand up straight’ they would likely increase this excess tension in their back in an effort to perform the action because their body is telling them that that is where ‘up’ is – the body has been receiving faulty information for so long that it has assumed this imbalance to be in-balance.  Any move away from the habitual norm through a process of inhibition and direction will cause the person to ‘feel’ unbalanced, even though in reality they are in better co-ordination and alignment.  It is this faulty sensory perception that leaves many of us floundering when it comes to self-improvement of our posture, alignment, sporting technique and movements.

On top of this, the habitual desire for us to judge whether or not we are performing an action well or getting it right by ‘feeling it out’ is very strong yet we can learn through Alexander technique to instead practice a process of thinking or constructive conscious control which will allow us to unlock our potential, move with significantly less undue and unnecessary effort, strain and tension and improve our performance.

Book in a 45 min intro to Alexander technique with Cal Savage for only $20 or in conjunction with a remedial massage to help achieve your fitness goals, see results more quickly with less pain and injury and stride confidently and gracefully into summer.

Alexander Technique Testimonials:

“I was really struggling with severe neck and shoulder tension, which gave me regular migraines.  After doing a little research, I decided to try Alexander Technique and started learning from Cal 12 months ago.  Through Cal’s patient and closely observant instruction, my posture and body awareness have improved remarkably.  I am now well able to manage and correct tension and I can use my body in a far more efficient and relaxed way.  Alexander Technique deserves far more recognition – it really works!”

“After years of struggling to get up from my desk chair because of lower back pain I am now running around a park three times a week at boot camp.  After my first session with Cal I immediately became aware of how something as basic as how I hold my head has affected my movement resulting in pain for years.  I’ve just completed my sixth Alexander Technique session and it will be something I continue with for life.”

“Alexander Technique has been instrumental in helping me to think about and become aware of my posture for pain free movement and to get the most from my work-out in a pain free way!”

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