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The triceps are what we call the muscles that run down the back of your arm. If you experience pain in that region, have elbow pain or difficulty fully extending your arms, have restrictions in your shoulder range or simply have been spending too much time doing pushing exercises at the gym, you may well have tight triceps.

Remedial massage can be an effective treatment for any muscular trigger points and to determine if it is indeed triceps that are causing your pain or dysfunction. However there are also several versions of triceps stretch which can also help.

Triceps Stretch | Follow our instructions below:

triceps stretchTaking a strap into your left hand, hold the strap above your head so that the loose end dangles between your shoulder blades.

Bend the elbow so that your hand comes behind your head.

Take your right hand and reach gently behind you to grab the loose end of the strap.

Gradually work your hands closer toward one another.

The aim is for the triceps stretch to be felt in the back of the top arm so try and work this one close to your ear, elbow pointing up to the ceiling.

Watch for rib flare. This is when the back is arched in an effort to reach more easily: you want to be doing this stretch with good posture so use your abs to stop your lower back from bending.

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