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Simple Neck Stretches for Office WorkersWe absolutely encourage gentle stretches of the neck in order to relieve pain and feelings of tightness in the neck.

Tight muscles in the neck can also cause a forward head posture, result in a slouched sitting posture, increase the likelihood and severity of headaches and if left untreated, over a longer period of time, can cause spinal joint disorders and associated nerve pain including tingling and numbness into the upper extremity and even down to the fingers.

This simple neck stretch is to ease tightness in the scalene muscles which run down the side of the neck. There are actually 3 muscles here, all of which bend the head to the side. They also have a role to play in breathing.

Our best advice for any stretching but particularly important for the delicate structures of the neck is to move slowly and mindfully, paying attention to what it is you’re looking to achieve and what you are feeling.

Simple Neck Stretches for Office Workers Instructions:

Keeping your shoulders level (a mirror is always handy!),slowly tip your ear to your shoulder, taking care not to hitch the shoulder or to lean over to one side. Your collar bones should remain level.

By moving slowly you should avoid any pinching feeling in the spine.

You might need to adjust your head had very slightly forward or back to advice a stretch in the tightest spot, however these movements should only be fractional, otherwise you will end up stretching other muscles more closely related to the shoulders.

Hold for around 15 seconds and gently return to the centre.

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Simple Neck Stretches for Office Workers
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