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Adductor Stretch Importance

adductor stretchAdductor tension is a very common problem these days and as such it is important to add an adductor stretch to you daily routine.

The adductors are a group of muscles run from the groin down the inside of the thigh and are mainly used to bring the thighs together (adduction).

Tight leg muscles are very common in the modern world as we spend a lot of our time inactive in seated positions and in our time away from the desk tend to do fairly high intensity training both of which affect the adductors.

Our adductors have a pretty big role in most of our daily activities including sitting, standing, walking, running and are critical for higher intensity activities.

Keeping the adductor muscles released and strong increases our range of motion through the hips and has a big reduction to the risk of injury.

The adductor muscles in the thigh are situated in the groin. They are a group of muscles. Their main function is to pull the thigh internally. They also stabilise the hip.

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