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Arm Stretches

If you stretch your arms correctly you can easily increase your range of motion, reduce the risk of injury and reduce or eliminate any symptoms or pain you may be experiencing. On this page we offer you a few options to try. There are many different stretches and options for arm stretches bur we feel this selection are the best for modern work issues.

We recommend that you add a few stretches for each body part into your daily stretch / maintenance regime.

We do we need to stretch?

With the modern work environment being stressful, long hours, and sedentary in nature we are ending up with more muscular tension than ever before.

Sitting for many hours is the major issue we face and symptoms such as aches and pains are the least of your problems. Recent studies show that sitting for long periods can actually shorten you life. People with a sedentary lifestyle are at greater risk of obesity, muscular-skeletal disorders, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and many more health issues.

Arm Stretches
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