Dry Needling For Sports Injury RecoveryAthletes are always in search of treatment techniques that can help them recover from sports-related injuries, accelerate the healing process and restore them to full function. Dry needling for sports injury recovery is one of the lesser known, yet highly effective techniques used to treat a wide range of injuries that affect many athletes. This treatment promises often instant relief and quick recovery to many athletes’ most nagging injuries.

What Is It? | Dry Needling For Sports Injury Recovery

Dry needling is a form of Western therapeutic treatment that involves insertion of extremely thin sterile filament needles into the muscles directly at a myofascial trigger point. The basic aim of this therapy is to restore the healthy physiological function of the muscles and this is achieved by stimulating the healing process of soft tissues, including tendons, ligaments, fascia, and trigger points.

remedial Massage MelbourneHow Does Dry Needling For Sports Injury Recovery Works

Treating sports-related injuries with fine needles may sound like a bizarre idea, but in reality, it has proven to be one of the most effective treatment options for many common injuries athletes suffer from in their sporting life. The exact mechanism by which dry needling helps to stimulate the healing process of soft tissues is still murky, however, there is a growing number of clinical trials and scientific research studies that support the positive physiological effects of dry needling. Here are a few explanations that support the theory of dry needling:

  • dry needling helps inhibit the transmission of pain signals in the spinal cord
  • dry needling triggers the release of pain-relieving chemicals in the body and within the brain
  • dry needling helps to release stiff and sore muscles
  • dry needling helps improve the flow of fresh blood, oxygen and electrical activity to the treated area

Why Use It For Sports Injuries?

Since athletes perform many high-intensity workouts and participate in multiple training sessions on a regular basis, they are extremely vulnerable to tissue extensibility dysfunction (TED), soft tissue dysfunction, and many other tissue and muscle-related injuries. All of these injuries take time to heal and greatly impact their field performance. Clinical trials show dry needling to be a very promising therapy to resolving TED, improving recovery, and recovering from micro-trauma caused by intense training and competition.

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Dry Needling For Sports Injury Recovery

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