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pilates melbourneThe Pilates repertoire of body weight exercises are designed to improve strength, mobility and body awareness. They are especially effective at retraining core control and targeting specific musculature for improved coordination, balance and stability. The Pilates skier exercise is part of the standing series and is designed to facilitate glute medius activation for stability of the pelvis and for movement of the leg at the hip joint (abduction). It also develops awareness around the knee joint and stimulates the vastus medialis oblique muscle to support the knee during weight bearing and requires activation in the foot arch to stop the foot and ankle from pronating.

Dynamic stability | Multi-joint exercises for balance and movement combined

Before embarking on this exercise, ensure you are comfortable weight bearing on a single leg in standing or with the support of the wall. This exercise would be good for runners or cyclists as well as those wishing to improve their balance and stability for walking. It is a higher level exercise. Regressions could include Pilates mat exercises, or exercises targeting a single joint, such as clams, wall sits or foot arch exercises. This dynamic movement requires stability through several joints in one leg whilst simultaneously moving through several joints in the opposite leg.

Directions | Pilates skier exercise

From standing, fold at the hip, knee and ankle joints into a small squat position maintaining length in the spine.

Engage through the deep core muscles and transfer the weight into one leg without dropping or hitching one side of the pelvis

The stabilising leg keepsake the pelvis keep perfectly still through the balance of musculature around the pelvis, hip, knee and through the arch of the foot whilst the toes of the opposite foot tap lightly out to the side

Return the abducted leg to the centre and repeat for 10 repetitions before switching to the opposite side

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