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Lower Leg Pain Treatment

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Lower Leg Pain Treatment At Melbourne Natural Therapies, we provide effective remedial massage treatment for conditions concerning lower leg pain and feet, at both our Southbank and Collins Street, Melbourne CBD clinic locations where you can find CBDDY: delta 8 carts. Some of the common lower leg pain we address include:       Plantar Fasciitis       Achilles tendonitis […]

Reduce The Chance Injuries With Remedial Massage

Remedial or Deep Tissue Massage

Reducing the Risk of Injury Remedial Massage can be used as an essential tool in any health routine, with applications including pain management and stress relief. With Summer here, many clients visiting our Melbourne clinics rely on remedial massage to aid stiffness and soreness after exercising, permitting harder workouts, thus allowing them to get into […]

Myotherapy and Dry Needling for Tennis Elbow

Remedial Massage for Tennis Elbow

What is Tennis Elbow and what causes it? Tennis Elbow is the common name for a condition called Lateral Epicondylalgia. This condition affects 1-3% of the population and is caused by a degenerative change in the extensor muscle tendon of the forearm, specifically, the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle. It’s believed that the main reason […]

Why Does Dry Needling Hurt?

What's The Difference Between Acupuncture And Dry Needling

The more dry needling is studied, the more we understand it. It’s becoming a great tool to treat many conditions, including lower back pain, migraines, muscle, tendon and ligament issues and lots more.  What is dry needling? Dry needling is a treatment option for myofascial pain and dysfunction. It works by targeting and treating the […]

Myotherapy & Remedial Massage For Shin Splints

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Shin Splints, medically referred to as “medial tibial stress syndrome” is a general name given to pain that is felt between the knee and ankle, along the shinbone. An injury or inflammation of the connective tissues and muscles that are attached to the lower leg bone (tibia) is generally what triggers this pain. Shin splints […]

How Myotherapy Can Help

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Muscle pain and dysfunction is extremely common in the modern world, however it can be easily avoided and/or treated. Myotherapy is an excellent option for treating muscular pain as it’s non-invasive, drug free and a completely natural treatment option.  What Is Myotherapy? Myotherapy (myo meaning muscle) is a specialised field of massage therapy that focuses […]

Remedial Massage For Winter Aches And Pains

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Remedial Massage In Winter With the Melbourne winter truly upon us we thought it might be an idea to explain how important Remedial Massage can be to ward off the winter aches and pains. Many people experience increased pain and stiffness in winter, but why does this happen? Firstly the cold weather causes the muscles […]

Remedial Massage For Sports

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Playing sport or going to the gym can be a fun way to keep fit and healthy, however there is a risk of injury. During intense activity the muscles, tendons and other tissue are stressed, and without proper maintenance many issues can occur. Regular remedial massage helps release tension in tissue and reduce injury risk. […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndome Treatment

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While advances in modern-day technology such as computers, iPads and assembly line machinery have made our jobs much easier than ever before; they can be responsible for a host of health issues. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common forms of repetitive stress injury (RSI) that affects the hands and fingers that is […]