Myotherapy for shin splintsShin Splints medically referred to as “medial tibial stress syndrome” is a general name given to pain that is felt between the knee and ankle, along the inner edge of the shinbone. An injury or inflammation of the connective tissues and muscles that are attached to the lower leg bone (tibia) is generally what triggers this pain. Shin splints are common among dancers, runners, footballers, tennis players, gymnasts, and other athletes who participate in sports activities involving repetitive actions like lots of running or jumping. Shin splints are a nightmare for athletes as they can adversely affect their performance. Although a number of treatment options are available for shin splints, many professional athletes are now choosing¬†myotherapy for shin splints as it helps reduce pain and inflammation and releases tension in the lower leg muscles quickly and puts them back on the field as soon as possible.

What Causes Shin Splints?

    • running/performing on hard or uneven surface
    • improper biomechanics
    • weakness in the arch of the foot
    • bad / incorrect shoes
  • excessive stress

Symptoms of Shin Splints

Following are some of the symptoms associated with this medical condition:

    • pain and tenderness over the inside lower half of the shin
    • redness over the inside lower half of the shin
    • lumps and bumps over the bone
    • mild swelling
  • numbness and weakness in the feet

What's The Difference Between Acupuncture And Dry NeedlingWhy, Myotherapy For Shin Splints?

Often the cause of shin splints are the deep muscles of the lower leg, myotherapy is recommended over other massage techniques since Myotherapists are able to easily isolate and reach the deeper affected muscles of the lower leg. In addition to stretching the deep muscles, Myotherapists are also able to release the tightness of the affected muscles by using deep transverse friction. Dry needling is also used by Myotherapist to speed up the healing process.

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