Why Does Dry Needling HurtThe more dry needling is studied, the more we understand it. It’s becoming a great tool to treat many conditions, including lower back pain, migraines, muscle, tendon and ligament issues and lots more. 

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a treatment option for myofascial pain and dysfunction. It works by targeting and treating the Myofascial Trigger Points (MTrPs). 

Physicians Dr Travell and Simons defined a myofascial trigger point as a “Hyperirritable spot in a skeletal muscle.” The spot is painful on compression and can cause pain and dysfunction.

Small, thin needles are used to penetrate the skin and stimulate the MTrPs, which release the trigger points within the muscles to reduce pain and increase mobility. 

Dry needling is entirely safe if performed by a skilled and trained therapist. 

Why does dry needling hurt?

When the needle is inserted, some people may experience a small twitch response, some clients find this concerning, however there’s no need to worry; this is a good thing. Think of it like when a doctor tests your reflexes by knocking your knee, it reacts; it’s a good thing, even if it does feel a little weird. 

The twitch response is what’s called ‘needling sensation’. The point of dry needling is to get you to feel that sensation. Hitting that trigger point and getting that response releases the muscle’s tension and reduces pain. It’s how we know it’s working. 

The needling sensation will vary for everyone, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t twitch when having dry needling. It can also come in the format of the following;

  • Numbness 
  • Tingling 
  • Warmth 
  • Pain

Myotherapy MelbourneWhilst pain is never the intended response; it can happen. It usually lasts just a few seconds as we hit each trigger point. 

What’s the recovery time?

Post-recovery time for dry needling is around 24-48 hours. You may feel a dull ache, muscle soreness, and potential bruising during this time. 

Recovery time will differ for everyone, but most people return to normal within 24 hours. 

Drinking lots of water, stretching out the muscle and applying heat to the sore areas can help speed up recovery.

How long until I feel the benefits?

For acute pain, you’re likely to feel an almost instant pain relief that will last a little while, though it may not go away altogether. 

For more severe, chronic pain, it may take 2-3 sessions before you start to feel the pain relief. 

Dry needling in Melbourne

If you speak to anyone who has had dry needling, we’re sure they’ll tell you just how life-changing it has been for them. Most clients agree that it’s worth a little pain to relieve a lot of pain. 

Still not convinced? Watch our dry-needling video to see a snippet of the treatment being performed and how tiny the needles really are. 

Melbourne Natural Therapies offer dry needling in our three Melbourne clinics at Southbank, Melbourne CBD and Brunswick but with trained professionals. You can book your treatment here.

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Why does dry needling hurt?