Are you returning to work from home in Melbourne? Struggling to adapt to changing conditions? Or a new work-station set-up? Are you having difficulty staying motivated? You’re not alone. In fact, recent studies indicate that many people have been significantly impacted by disruptive changes during this time. As such, health professionals have highlighted the need to effectively manage physical and mental health, including the implementation of effective self care methods to reduce stress levels, boost the immune system, prevent illness, and improve sleep and overall health.

Routine | Health and Wellbeing at Home

Health and Wellbeing at Home

One of the most significant yet simple ways to assist in maintaining a sense of calm, motivation and productivity when working from home, is to create structure by incorporating a daily routine during periods of stress. An effective routine is one that supports your mental and physical health, whilst assisting you to meet work responsibilities. This may be one that follows your usual work schedule as much as possible, whilst also ensuring adequate rest, nutrition and exercise are part of your day.  

Sleep | Health and Wellbeing at Home

Did you know that the human body heals three times faster during sleep than any other time of day? There’s a reason medical professionals advise you to rest when you aren’t well! In fact, sleep and ensuring you achieve an adequate amount each night, is a highly important aspect of maintaining a healthy routine at home. This includes going to sleep, and waking at the same time, aiming for approximately 7 – 8 hours sleep in total. 

Sleep Hygiene | Looking After Yourself at Home

A significant factor to achieving quality sleep involves incorporating adequate ‘down time’ into your pre-sleep schedule and ensuring not to over-sleep (more than 8 hours each night). Health professionals also recommend limiting digital device usage before bedtime, and avoiding using your mobile phone as an alarm clock where possible. 

Socialisation | Stay Connected

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Humans are socially inclined for many advantageous reasons, including the supportive physical and mental benefits gained within a community. Whilst this is not easy to maintain during social distancing limitations, health professionals state the importance of maintaining social networks where possible digitally via phone, email and video.   

Relaxation | Health and Wellbeing at Home

Whilst scheduling a Remedial Massage is not always possible during this time in Melbourne, there are many other ways to reduce stress levels and support your health and wellbeing. Adequate exercise and relaxation activities are known to promote positive effects on the body, and are often relatively simple. A jog around the park, stretching, listening to your favourite music, or returning to a favourite hobby – can all effectively reduce stress levels, and therefore promote health and wellbeing at home.   

Mental Health Support

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If you would like to access confidential mental health support during this time, Beyond Blue can be reached online: or by phone: 1300 224 636


For further information regarding self care,  including free 15 minute Telehealth consultations, please contact us via email or book online. Access to free online resources including our stretch and exercise video library, can also be found online.

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