what is corporate massageThe corporate world is changing. Companies care more and are starting to act on trying to help improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. 

Whilst things have mostly gone back to normal after covid, many workplaces have not, and will not, go back to full capacity in the office. Now that they’ve seen their employees don’t need to go into the office and that it’s helping to improve the work-life balance of employees, there’s no need to have that same ample office space. 

That means any health and wellbeing benefits in the office, like a short mobile massage, ergonomically correct desk set-ups, free fruit, healthy breakfast offerings, etc., have stopped. Or, if they haven’t, not everyone is reaping the benefits of that anymore. 

Benefits of corporate massage

Corporate massage can help reduce the physical and mental stress of your employees, which can benefit your company greatly by;

  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing motivation and productivity;
  • Increasing employee morale
  • Increasing employees’ energy levels 
  • Reducing stress-related and posture-related injuries
  • Attracts more employees

How can Melbourne Natural Combined Therapies help?

Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies offer a modern approach to help you improve your corporate health and wellbeing offering

Rather than offering in-house services, Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies recommends a rebate system. Meaning employees who want to utilise the available services can receive a rebate from their employer. 

Benefits of a rebate system for corporate massage

Shoulder Strength ExercisesBy offering a rebate system, you are providing the means whilst encouraging employees to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. It means people can go and receive treatment for their pain at a time that suits them rather than having a mobile massage during the work day. 

Part of the benefit of a massage, for example, is that you relax entirely during that time. Seated mobile massages at work are a great help, but not everyone will be able to relax in the workplace to get the full benefits. 

Some other benefits of the rebate system for corporate massage are:

  • Generally, corporate massage services are a 100% tax-deductible health benefit when offered to all employees.
  • Services and providers can be numerous and not limited to one company, allowing the ability to implement nationwide or globally.
  • Better quality and specific treatment for the individual. In-house services can be more of a ‘treat’ rather than a ‘treatment’.
  • It suits both employees who need regular help and those who choose more sporadic health care.
  • It can be more easily tailored to individual needs, e.g. pregnancy.
  • A business which enables its staff to invest in good exercise, diet and lifestyle choices will have a fitter, stronger and healthier workforce.
  • Advocates personal responsibility for health and wellness.
  • It doesn’t require installing or using employee resources or physical facilities. Businesses can save on costs by using the cheapest card machine that they can find.
  • Best value, economic sense and a better life-long company initiative.

Promotional materials

We can provide promotional material to introduce your staff to us as a local service always at their disposal, with flexible booking options. We have three clinics across Melbourne in Melbourne CBD, Brunswick and Southbank. 

For further information and examples of promotional material, please get in touch with us.