remedial massage winterRemedial Massage In Winter

With the Melbourne winter truly upon us we thought it might be an idea to explain how important Remedial Massage can be to ward off the winter aches and pains.

Many people experience increased pain and stiffness in winter, but why does this happen?

  • Firstly the cold weather causes the muscles to contract as a result of losing heat. If the muscle cools too much they will eventually start to “shiver” to produce extra heat. Shivering is a very intense action for the muscles and can create tightness and knots over time.
  • Secondly circulation is decreased in winter (due to the constriction of blood vessels), as the muscles receive less blood they need to work harder doing the same task they would in the warmer months.
  • Lastly we tend to assume a hunched, protective posture in the cold weather which can cause an increase in muscle tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders.

How Can We Help?

massage in winterThe good news is that remedial massage can address all of these issues. At Melbourne Natural Therapies we provide remedial massage to help the body increase blood flow to the muscles that are causing you the most problem. Increasing the blood flow is the main way we can start to warm and relax the muscles and also feed and flush the area. We also provide stretches and exercises to help you warmup and cool down more effectively pre and post exercise, minimising the risk of injury. Remedial massage can also reduce the healing time for any existing injuries to the muscle tissue, restoring the muscle to full function and preventing any further damage.

Regular remedial massage is not only a great way to prevent injury and muscle spasm during winter but can also be used to correct any postural or other issues that have already occurred and maximise the circulation to the body as a whole.

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