remedial massage for athletes

Playing sport or going to the gym can be a fun way to keep fit and healthy, however there is a risk of injury. During intense activity the muscles, tendons and other tissue are stressed, and without proper maintenance many issues can occur. Regular remedial massage helps release tension in tissue and reduce injury risk.

Benefit Of Remedial Massage

Massage Increases range of motion

As an active person increasing range of motion and flexibility can help improve performance and prevent injury. Having regular massage can increases range of motion by increasing blood flow to the muscle tissue, and fascia. Massage also helps to increase muscle tissue elasticity.

Massage Helps Reduces inflammation

During strenuous exercise, muscles can experience micro trauma and inflammation. Massage can help to disperse the inflammation quickly and increase blood flow to promote healing.

Reduces pain

Inflammation in the body will result in pain. When we get massage our cells create more mitochondria. This supplies the body with more energy to support the healing process and reduce pain. Massage also helps to reduce anxiety and stress, this in turn can make us less sensitive to pain.

Massage Enhances Sports Performance

As massage is creating all the above benefits we are able to perform at our optimum capacity thus build strength and muscles quickly. This benefits our overall health and wellbeing and again make us less susceptible to injury which can set our training back.

What Types Of Sports Injuries Are Treated With Remedial Massage?

Sports injuries are caused as a result of a direct impact on the body, overuse, or intensive exercises. Depending on the severity of the impact, sports injuries can be broadly categorised as acute through to chronic injuries.

Here is a list of some sports injuries (acute and chronic) that can be managed or treated with remedial massage:

If you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned conditions, or you are experiencing any kind of muscular pain, stiffness or discomfort feel free to give us a call and have a chat about how we can help you.

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