Hot Stones Remedial Massage for Optimum Health in Melbourne’s Cold Months!

Hot Stones Remedial Massage for Optimum Health in Melbourne’s Cold Months!

Increased muscular tension during the colder months is a very common symptom we treat at Melbourne Natural Therapies. Hot stones combined with remedial massage is an effective treatment for muscular tension and stress, and is now available at both our Southbank and Little Collins Street Melbourne CBD locations.

What is Hot Stone Massage Therapy? | Hot Stones Remedial Massage

Hot stone massage therapy uses heated, smooth basalt stones, which are placed on specific points of the body, for the reduction of muscular tension and stress. At Melbourne Natural Therapies, hot stone massage also incorporates deep tissue and remedial massage techniques, and provides a safe and therapeutic massage for relaxation; and restorative/preventative health.  

What are the benefits of Hot Stone Massage Therapy? | Hot Stones Remedial Massage

Hot stone massage is demonstrated to be highly effective in treating many physiological conditions, including muscular tension, pain, edema, and inflammation. It is particularly effective during colder weather, as our bodies must work harder to maintain homeostasis, or a stable, internal environment, including a constant body temperature.

The primary goal of hot stone massage therapy is vasodilation, or the expansion of blood vessels, which increases blood flow and the transportation of oxygen and nutrients throughout the circulatory system. This optimises the functioning of all the major body systems, including: the central nervous, muscular, and lymphatic systems. Increased circulation also increases joint range of motion, by lengthening muscle fibre and connective tissue.

Hot stone therapy and remedial massage also assist the body to utilise energy more efficiently, improving overall metabolic processes and functions. This has many benefits, including the maintenance of a healthy metabolism and immune system, which assists the body’s defence against infection, including colds and flu, and supports overall general health.

Additionally, the specific placement techniques of gently weighted stones during hot stone massage therapy, offers a targeted release of major muscle groups and trigger points. This reduces muscular tension and adhesions within muscle fibres, and supports the central nervous, and autonomic nervous systems. As a result, hot stones in conjunction with remedial massage also assists in the reduction of stress and anxiety levels, improving sleep quality.

Hot Stones Remedial Massag in the CBD and Southbank, Melbourne

At Melbourne Natural Therapies, our qualified remedial massage therapist, Rani, can tailor a hot stones and remedial massage session to treat your individual condition or circumstance.

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