remedial massage brunswickReducing the Risk of Injury

Remedial Massage can be used as an essential tool in any health routine, with applications including pain management and stress relief. With Summer here, many clients visiting our Melbourne clinics rely on remedial massage to aid stiffness and soreness after exercising, permitting harder workouts, thus allowing them to get into shape faster. Here at Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies, we believe that remedial massage is a pivotal tool in the prevention of injuries, and swift recovery of pain that sets you back.

The Benefits of Keeping Active

We only have one body, and it stays with us our whole life. The benefits of keeping our bodies healthy and active are enormous. Remedial Massage can benefit anyone and everyone, especially if you routinely push the physical limits through movement, sport, strength training or aerobic activity. Whether you’re a committed athlete, or a weekend warrior that finds time between work and family obligations to workout, remedial massage can benefit any exercise regime.

Remedial Massage for Injury

Remedial massage aims to assist in the recovery process from stresses put on the body by strenuous exercise. The physiological benefits of applied massage therapy include, but are not limited to, improved blood circulation, improvements to the lymphatic system, muscle relaxation and stress relief. These benefits ultimately lead to the removal of toxins, better cell nutrition, normalisation, better tissue elasticity, trigger point deactivation, and speedy recovery from injury. All of these can lead to liberation from stiffness and soreness, increase in flexibility, and a decrease in future risk of injury.

Maintenance Massage

Incorporating regular massage therapy to your health routine allows your therapist to focus in on muscles or muscle groups and work specific areas with the goal of increased range of motion, muscle flexibility and maintenance. The objective of a regular maintenance massage program is to assist you in reaching your ideal performance through injury-free training. Additionally, regular therapy allows your therapist to get to know and treat your body and its unique issues. They are able to concentrate on trouble areas and pay special attention to these, monitoring them for future issues, and maintaining them in good condition. Skilled massage practitioners will also work in conjunction with other healthcare professionals to tailor treatment to your unique issues or injuries.

If you are interested in implementing remedial massage into your health regime, please call us or book a session with one of our practitioners online.

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