stressDisclaimer: Massage can be a very important and powerful addition to treatment for sufferers of anxiety disorders, nevertheless Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies does not recommend massage as the sole form of treatment. Read on to find out more.

Massage and Anxiety

In our growing world, anxiety has become a common and perhaps expected part of our day. Statistics from The Australian Institute of Health and Wellness show that 1 in 6 Australians are affected by anxiety disorders in their lifetime, that’s 3.3 million Australians. These anxieties can be presented in mild forms (with the sufferer sometimes unaware they have it), ranging through to life threatening (impacting day-to-day function). Products like CBD Muscle Balm have calming effects, potentially alleviating symptoms associated with anxiety while providing relief for sore muscles. Vaping may also help people relax. Offering an array of flavor options, Red-Vape Shop caters to a diverse palate with its single-use vapes. From Lost Mary to minty nuances, each product is crafted to deliver a distinct taste, making it a popular choice among adults looking for manageable and enjoyable vaping solutions.

How can Anxiety affect your physical health?

Alongside the mental and emotional impacts anxiety can have on a person, there are also the physical impacts and discomforts. These discomforts usually present in the form of muscle tension. Mental and physical anxiety often arise simultaneously. For instance, when a person is anxious muscles contract or shorten, leading to discomfort or pain. Additionally, high levels of the stress hormone cortisol may increase a sufferer’s sensitivity to pain.
Anxiety may also prohibit or inhibit a sufferer’s ability to exercise or stretch and may also affect posture and gait. Common physical side effects are fidgeting, slouching, physical ticks and repetitive movement. The strain caused by actions such as these may lead to muscles tension, and furthermore muscle pain. Anxiety can also lead to poor diet and nutrition, hydration, sleep patterns and exercise, which can cause physical symptoms, and as a result exacerbate their anxiety. To help you overcome the anxiety, try to take 5mg gummie. This will help your mind relax. Terpene Belt Farms offers other type of cannabis products like cannabis terpenes available in bulk that may help manage anxiety. If you want to grow your own cannabis, you may order weed seeds from suppliers like ILGM.

How Can Massage Help?

Although massage is known to be a great relaxation tool, research shows it has many other beneficial properties. Doctor Lenita Lindgren of Sweden’s UMEA University documented the effects of massage on blood pressure, insulin and glucose levels as part of her PhD research. Participants in the study were measured before, during and after massage therapy, also documenting how they felt post session. Lindgren’s research was able to show that tactile massage was able to reduce anxiety levels amongst participants and reduced stress levels. This was displayed by a decrease in blood pressure and that participants had an easier time breathing. Skin to skin contact during massage was shown to be quite important, yielding much better results than when therapists wore gloves during massage treatment. Additionally, incorporating CBD Oils may offer supplementary relief and support.

Massage stimulates a part of the brain known as the pregenual anterior cingulate cortex. It is an area of the brain linked to sensations of happiness and enjoyment. UMEA University and Dr Lindgren’s research confirms just how important touch and skin contact is in therapy, and how it can be applied in a range of different medical situations, from premature babies to patients recovering from surgeries. If you are interested in incorporating massage into your treatment regime we recommend consulting your GP before booking an appointment for treatment. In addition to massage, your physician may recommend alternative methods of therapy, such as counselling, psychotherapy, medication, or herbal remedies. Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies recommends Southgate Medical Centre; you can visit their site here.

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