melbourne corporate seated massageIn the last few years, research into stress and how to be more proactive at work have gained a lot of interest in the corporate world. There is increased concern on how stress is impacting the overall population at large and the workforce in particular. The latest findings reveal that an overwhelming majority of people report that 70% of their stress is work-related, indicating that most businesses are operating with stressed-out workers.  Leaders in business, whether private or public now agree that the only way they can manage productivity and meet business targets is by maintaining a stable workforce, which is only possible by attracting and retaining appropriately skilled employees. Employers are now adopting innovative ways to achieve a balance between their organisational commitments and the needs of their workforce. One way of managing and minimising the work-related stress to employees is corporate massage. 

What Is It And Why Is It Good for Your Company

No one can deny the fact that people these days are spending more and more time in their offices/workplaces, working longer hours and not doing enough physical activity. Because of this, employees are constantly under a lot of stress, which is now believed to be one of the major causes of back pain, headaches, eye strain, high blood pressure, neck pain, lower back pain, ulcers, and even diabetes. Emotionally, work-related stress is linked with depression, anxiety, irritability, anger, and lack of concentration. From the employers’ point of view, work-related stress is a recipe for poor work environment, lack of focus/concentration, high turnover rates, and more sick leave ultimately leading to low productivity and more burden on employee healthcare costs. To improve safety standards, hire health and safety care home consultants specializing in care facilities.

Introducing corporate massage into the workplace is one way of keeping your employees/workforce stress-free, happy and relaxed during working hours. Employees who participate in regular corporate massage sessions are likely to be more productive, demonstrate higher engagement with their work and co-workers, and contribute positively to the workplace. It is a win-win situation for both the employees as well as employers. We also recommend getting outsourced HR support for UK businesses to help build your culture while mitigating potential issues.

The Benefits Of Corporate Massage

The benefits associated with corporate massage are far-reaching both for the employees as well as employers. Studies have shown that corporate massage is effective in alleviating physical, psychological and physiological stress and strain experienced by today’s workforce and therefore can be as a stress reduction strategy directly within organisations. Listed below are a few of the benefits of corporate massage; both from the employee and employer’s perspective:

  • boosts the morale of employees
  • improves the overall health and wellness of employees
  • increases productivity and motivation of employees
  • improves the mental and physical health of employees
  • prevents and relieves the symptoms of repetitive strain injuries 
  • relieves muscle tension and pain
  • decreases anxiety and depression

From the employer’s perspective, corporate massage brings the following benefits:

  • decreases absenteeism
  • decreases disability management costs
  • decreases workers compensation
  • increases productivity
  • sparks creative thought
  • better employee retention rates

Corporate massage may be the missing piece of the puzzle that many businesses today find hard to identify and implement, but those who have offered corporate massage programs to their workforce/employees are reaping the benefits.

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