Remedial Massage for Hip Replacement Recovery

Hip Replacement Recovery

Hip Replacement Recovery

Hip Replacement Surgery is a widely used treatment option for the patients suffering from severe hip problems such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and age-related “wear & tear”. For the majority of patients undergoing hip replacement surgery, the post-operative phase is the most challenging phase as it often requires a lot of time to fully recover and lead a fully functional pain-free life once again.

Remedial Massage For Hip Replacement Recovery

Remedial massage and myotherapy has gained a lot of attention in recent years as an effective way to ensure an optimal outcome following a hip replacement. Here are 3 solid reasons to include remedial massage therapy in your post-surgery recovery plan:

Effective Pain Management |

Hip Replacement Recovery


Surgery and pain go hand in hand. Whether it is a minimally invasive surgery, cosmetic surgery, or a complicated surgery, including remedial massage in the recovery phase can not only help deal with post-operative pain but can also help the area heal. Even after the wound has healed, patients often complain about the residual sensitivity and pain caused by skin tightening and contraction of muscles and fascia. Remedial massage therapists use soft tissue techniques to relieve the tension on the nerves and soft tissues surrounding the affected area.

Minimize Swelling |

Hip Replacement Recovery


Another common and painful side effect of hip replacement surgery is swelling or inflammation. After the surgery, the body tries to heal itself and in doing so all the blood and other body fluids rush to the affected area causing swelling and inflammation. Swelling is not only painful; it can also slow down the recovery process. Remedial massage therapists use a combination of treatments to minimise swelling and decrease the recovery time.

Increase Lymphatic Drainage |

Hip Replacement Recovery


In order to move from an acute phase to a repair stage, lymphatic flow must be optimal. Remedial massage enhances the blood flow to the injured area improving lymph circulation and ensuring supply of fresh blood, oxygen, and all the necessary nutrients to speed up the self-healing process of the body.

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