Hip Replacement RecoveryHip replacement surgery is a very common option for people suffering from hip degeneration and damage such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and many age-related issues. For many people dealing with hip replacement, rehabilitation after a Total Hip Replacement Procedure is the most challenging part of the whole process. Rehabilitation requires a lot of time and patience, but it is a really important phase of treatment to make a full and lasting hip replacement recovery.

Remedial Massage For Hip Replacement Recovery

Remedial massage and myotherapy is an effective way to help during rehabilitation following a hip replacement. Below are some of the reasons why:

Pain Management 

Pain is a common thing to experience after any surgery, regardless of if it is a minor surgery, cosmetic procedure or a complicated surgery including. Including remedial massage in in your recovery plan can not only help you deal with post-operative pain but can also help increase range of motion and overall comfort. Many patients experience residual sensitivity and/or pain caused by skin tightening and contraction of muscles and fascia. Using soft tissue techniques remedial massage therapists are able to relieve the tension on the soft tissue surrounding the affected area and relive nerve pain.

Minimise Swelling

Swelling or inflammation are also natural side effects of surgery. Post surgery, our bodies try to heal themselves but in doing so blood and other body fluids rush to the affected area causing swelling and inflammation. Swelling is not only painful; it can also slow down the recovery process. Using a combination of techniques remedial massage therapists are able to reduce swelling and decrease the recovery time.

Increase Lymphatic Flow

Remedial massage can help the body increase blood flow to the injured area improving lymph circulation and ensuring there is adequate hydration, oxygen, and all the other necessary nutrients to speed up the self-healing process of the body.