Cupping Therapy For Frozen Shoulder

Cupping Therapy For Frozen ShoulderFrozen shoulder is the common term used to describe a medical condition known as “adhesive capsulitis” in which the connective tissues that surround the bony structures of the shoulder joint become stiff and painful causing severe immobilisation. If left untreated, frozen shoulder can cause serious complications in an individual’s daily activities. The pain associated with this disorder is often relieved temporarily by use of OTC non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or stronger pain medications. Alternative therapies such as myotherapy, dry needling and cupping therapy for frozen shoulder are an excellent option for managing pain and increasing mobility of the joint.

How Can It Help? | Cupping Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

Cupping Therapy For Frozen ShoulderCupping therapy can play an important complementary role in treating and healing frozen shoulder. In cupping therapy, specialised cups with thick round lipped glass or plastic are depressurised and placed on the skin of the patient. Tissues are pulled up into the cup and stretched also fresh blood is drawn into the area to help heal. Cupping can affect the body in a variety of ways, such as:

  • breakup micro-adhesions within the muscle fibers and fascia to significantly improve the flexibility of shoulder tissues and range of motion
  • stimulate the body’s own immune system to clean up damaged tissues
  • relax the shoulder muscles and tissues
  • accelerate the effects of other alternative treatment modalities
  • create new blood flow to the area to optimise the healing process

When used in conjunction with the other holistic treatment modalities such as massage, acupuncture or dry needling, the health benefits of cupping therapy for frozen shoulder can be maximised. Whilst cups are in place therapists can use other modalities on other areas of the body such as massage, needling, trigger point therapy or heat therapies.

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Cupping Therapy For Frozen Shoulder
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