Cupping Therapy For Frozen ShoulderFrozen shoulder is a common condition that is referred to medically as”adhesive capsulitis“. It is a condition where the connective tissue surrounding the shoulder joint becomes restricted and painful and can cause a reduction in the range of motion of the arm and shoulder joint. Frozen shoulder can have a massive impact on an individuals routine and daily activities. Frozen shoulder pain can be relieved temporarily by using non-steroidal anti-inflammatories or some pain medications. However, if you are looking for a drug free option, myotherapy, dry needling and cupping therapy for frozen shoulder can be an excellent way of reducing pain and increasing range of motion in the shoulder joint.

How Does It Work? | Cupping Therapy For Frozen Shoulder

Cupping Therapy For Frozen ShoulderCupping therapy can play an important complementary role in treating and recovering from frozen shoulder. Cupping therapy, has been used for thousands of years and uses specialised cups with thick round lipped glass or plastic. The cups are depressurised and placed directly on the skin of the client. Skin, fascia and muscle are pulled up into the cup stretching the tissue and drawing fresh blood into the area, providing nutrients to aid healing. Cupping can cause numerous changes:

  • cupping can breakup micro-adhesions within the muscle fibres and fascia to improve the range of the shoulder.
  • stimulate the body’s own immune system to clean up and heal damaged tissue.
  • stretch and relax the shoulder muscles
  • enhance the effects of other natural treatment modalities

Other Therapies

When used in conjunction with other therapies such as remedial massage, dry needling and assisted stretches the benefits of cupping can be significant. While cups are on the client, remedial massage therapists can use other modalities on areas that have become affected from the restriction in movement such as massage, needling, trigger point therapy or heat therapies.

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