pregnancy massage melbourneAlthough the goals of both a regular remedial massage and a pregnancy massage are the same, pregnancy the massage is different as it is tailor made to the specific needs of the pregnant woman. The massage therapists working at Melbourne Natural Therapies are specially trained in working with pregnancy. They are all well trained in the safety considerations when it comes to working on a pregnant woman’s body.

Although there is no harm in getting a pregnancy massage from a trained and qualified massage therapist, for women with a high-risk pregnancy it is always a good idea to discuss it first with their doctor before scheduling a prenatal massage at Melbourne Natural Therapies.

Here are some things you can check about a remedial therapist to ensure you are in safe hands:


Although it is not a requirement, if you know that your remedial massage therapist possesses a diploma or advanced diploma of remedial massage, you will feel much more secure and relaxed. Pregnancy massage is a bit more complicated than standard massage and demands more care and attention to the woman’s positioning during treatment. A massage therapist specialising in pregnancy knows all the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy massage positioning.

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Education is one thing but having first-hand practical experience of performing pregnancy treatment is totally different. In order to have the best possible treatment it is important to make sure your therapist has real clinical experience with pregnancy. All our pregnancy therapists at Melbourne Natural Therapies possess years of practical experience delivering remedial massage and pregnancy massage.

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