pregnancy massage for painWhile pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life, it frequently comes with several physical problems such leg cramps, back pain, and stiff joints. According to an American Pregnancy Association survey, back discomfort affects between 60% and 70% of expectant mothers at some point in the pregnancy. Many women report experiencing this pain in the second and third trimesters, and it can linger even after delivery. Pregnancy massage for pain difficulties can be an excellent approach to manage back pain and other aches and pains due to the restricted options pregnant women have for pain relief drugs.

Pain During Pregnancy?

There can be many reasons for aches and pains during pregnancy, here are some of the most common causes:

  • Postural changes
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress and Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle separation

How Effective is Pregnancy Massage for Pain Management?

Pregnancy massage can help a woman stay active both during and after her pregnancy, which is essential to preserving her physical health and wellbeing. Moreover, massage can aid with aches and pains, mood enhancement/maintenance, sleep improvement, oedema reduction, and nerve pain relief. It can also reduce swelling in the hands and legs.

The following massage techniques may be used by your remedial massage therapist to reduce your discomfort and other symptoms:

Swedish Massage – Given that it is performed with light to medium pressure and lengthy strokes, Swedish massage is the most popular and safest type of massage for expectant women.
Deep Tissue Massage – Firm strokes are used in deep tissue massage to penetrate the muscles deeply.

Your massage therapist may employ one of the two aforementioned massage techniques, depending on your physical state and degree of comfort.

So, how can a pregnancy massage benefit you?

Pregnancy massage, when provided by a qualified massage therapist, can significantly lower the level of stress hormones in a pregnant woman’s body, which decreases anxiety and depression. Blood circulation and digestion are both improved by pregnancy massage. Pregnancy massage also boosts energy levels in pregnant women by providing them with the opportunity to fully relax. It can treat common pregnant symptoms such swollen ankles and feet, pelvic pain, leg cramps, acute neck pain, and joint pain.
It can also speed up the labour process. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, it is essential to check with your healthcare provider.


Pregnancy Massage For Back PainIs Pregnancy Massage For Pain Safe?

Several studies have established the safety of pregnancy massage, but it’s crucial to ensure your massage therapist is properly qualified. Some trigger points should be avoided, and only gentle motions should be used on your stomach by the therapist. You must ensure that you exit and enter the table safely. Additionally, electric blankets and heated tables shouldn’t be used when pregnant.

The safety of pregnancy massage is subject to a lot of myths and misconceptions. At all stages of pregnancy, massage is a very safe and helpful complementary treatment, and it is frequently advised for a variety of problems. There are disorders that can affect diverse physiological systems during pregnancy and are regarded as high-risk, particularly if they are not appropriately handled. Massage during pregnancy is not advised in these situations. Yet, if a prenatal health care practitioner gives their permission, certain mothers who are thought to be experiencing high-risk pregnancies might still be permitted to get a pregnancy massage.

At our Melbourne clinics, pregnancy massage is performed from around week 14 of the pregnancy, with the expectant mother in a side-lying position, which is the safest and most comfortable position for both mother and baby. Even though you may have heard of massage tables that allow mothers to lie face down well into the third trimester, we find that most mothers are most comfortable when lying on their sides.

First Trimester Pregnancy Massage For Pain

melbourne pregnancy massageTrimester One is an exciting time which sees the beginning of a new life. The greatest changes occurring to mothers during this time will be on a physiological level, as the endocrine system synthesises complex pregnancy hormones that play a vital role in the development of the baby. Whilst these hormones are necessary they can affect mood, energy and overall wellbeing. The therapists at Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies in Melbourne can provide a safe and highly effective pregnancy massage to help ease mothers into their pregnancy, reduce anxiety and help the body prepare for change and growth going forth into Trimester Two and Three.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Massage

For many women, trimester two is the most exciting and comfortable time of their pregnancy. Mothers may start to feel reduced breast tenderness, less nauseous, less fatigued and more energy, pregnancy hormones are naturally at work to help combat stress and help mothers feel more relaxed. Pregnancy massage received during this time not only helps to maintain general well-being, it most importantly helps to further balance these pregnancy hormones.

Over the next three months mothers can expect to see great changes to their growing baby and experience more pronounced changes in their physical appearance. Receiving pregnancy massage during Trimester Two can be highly beneficial, assisting  an easier transition to the structural changes in the body that accommodates the growth of the baby. As the body adapts to the increase in weight and changes to the centre gravity, good posture can become undermined and have the potential to cause pain and discomfort in the muscles and joints.

Third Trimester

The third trimester – weeks 29 to 40+ – signals to a mother the need to prepare to meet her baby. By week 28, the pregnancy is placing considerable demands on the mother’s body and body systems. The third trimester marks the time when a pregnant woman needs to slow down and rest more. Ideally, she should seek to achieve an improved sleep pattern in recognition of the reality that her body and mind need to prepare for labour. This period can be fraught with contradictory emotions; an underlying anxiety as well as an overwhelming feeling of excitement.

The most common symptoms during this period are anxiety and stress, leg cramps, oedema and dyspnea. 

Education Requirements

Although it is not a requirement, if you know that your remedial massage therapist possesses a diploma or advanced diploma of remedial massage, you will feel much more secure and relaxed. Pregnancy massage is a bit more complicated than standard massage and demands more care and attention to the woman’s positioning during treatment. A massage therapist specialising in pregnancy knows all the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy massage positioning.

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Please consult your doctor before booking for pregnancy massage.


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