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Our remedial massage therapists estimate that over 60% of patients that come through the Melbourne clinic complain of lower back pain. Interestingly many of these clients don’t have excessively tight lower back muscles but do have extremely tight hamstrings and psoas (hip flexor).

Causes | Lower Back Pain

Many of our day jobs in Melbourne involve long periods of being seated. In the seated position our hamstring and psoas muscles are shortened. Staying in this shortened position for excessive periods can cause the muscles to form trigger points and over time the muscles become shorter than they should be. This causes a forward tilt in the pelvis and results in an excessive curve in the lower back. In turn this can put strain on the lower back muscles and/or impingement of nerves.

Our remedial massage therapists at Melbourne Natural Therapies can work on lengthening the shortened muscles and show you exercises to do for the long weak muscles to address this imbalance and maximise the chances of eliminating the symptoms and reducing the chances of them re-occurring.

Other Causes of Lower Back Pain

Our  lower back is a main route through which muscles, nerve endings, ligaments and tendons connect to the lower limbs.  As the area is jam packed with so many structures there are many things that can go wrong including:

  • Spinal disc bulge or herniation
  • Existing structural issues such as scoliosis
  • Injuries to hamstrings or hips causing referred pain to lower back
  • Scar tissue an old injury that causes a limit in the range of movement
  • The ageing process (wear and tear)
  • Decreased strength due to lack of exercise, resulting in fatigue.

Remedial massage is an great way to manage or eliminate many of these issues and our remedial massage therapists are able to advise you of home exercise to create strength and maintain the lower back long term.

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