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pregnancy massage melbournePregnancy is a time when the body needs all the help it can get, as such pregnancy massage can be a great addition to your health regime. This is a time when the pregnant woman’s body goes through many physical, emotional, and hormonal changes and all these changes are usually accompanied with aches, pains, and numerous areas of discomfort. The pregnancy massage offered our therapists at Melbourne Natural Therapies is a great way to deal with all the discomfort associated with pregnancy.

What Is The Right Time? | Pregnancy Massage Melbourne

Many pregnancy massage therapists, as well as Gynecologists, suggest waiting until the end of the first trimester before receiving a pregnancy massage. This is because it is in the first twelve weeks of the pregnancy that the fetus goes through many important developmental stages. You need to observe as much care as possible in taking care of the developing fetus during these first twelve weeks of your pregnancy. In saying that there is no strong evidence to suggest that pregnancy massage is dangerous during this time so we leave it up to the individual to decide when they would like to receive treatment.

How Often Should I Come? | Pregnancy Massage Melboure

When you book with one of our pregnancy massage therapists at Melbourne Natural Therapies they will get a detailed history of any past or present pregnancy complications and issues, and your personal preferences to determine how often you should book in. Getting pregnancy massage fortnightly is recommended by many pregnancy massage therapists in order to enjoy maximum benefits, however once again we prefer clients to have all the information and make an informed decision for themselves as to how often they would like to come.

Are There Any Adverse Effects? | Pregnancy Massage Melbourne

As long as the pregnancy is stable, getting a pregnancy massage from an experienced pregnancy massage therapist is perfectly safe. If you are someone suffering from high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, or experiencing abdominal pain, you need to first consult your doctor before receiving a pregnancy massage.

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Is Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

An aching back, a heavy belly, an emotional rollercoaster – these are some of the most common complains reported by the pregnant women. A number of factors can be at play for the many physical and emotional issues that a woman goes through during pregnancy. The good news is that many of the common complains

Pregnancy Massage, How Can It Help?

At Melbourne Natural Therapies, we offer pre and post-natal pregnancy massage by qualified practitioners which is safe and effective. Let’s have a look at some of the pregnancy massage benefits. How Can It Help | Pregnancy Massage Benefits Your body goes through amazing changes during your pregnancy, which effects the muscular, skeletal and connective tissues

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Pregnancy Massage For Headaches A woman’s body goes through a lot of physical, physiological, emotional, psychological, and hormonal changes during pregnancy. These changes can trigger new aches and pains. Although they are not usually a cause of concern, headaches are one of the most common sources of pain experienced by women during pregnancy. Getting a

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Pregnancy is a beautiful, natural, and extraordinary phase of a woman’s life, however it can bring with it back pain, sore joints, pelvic pain, and leg cramps. According to a survey conducted by the American Pregnancy Association between 60-70% of pregnant women experience back pain at some stage during their pregnancy, especially in their second and

Pregnancy Massage & Remedial Massage

  Although the goals of both a regular remedial massage and a pregnancy massage are the same, pregnancy the massage is different as it is tailor made to the specific needs of the pregnant woman. The massage therapists working at Melbourne Natural Therapies are specially trained in working with pregnancy. They are all well trained in

Pregnancy and Massage – Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies

For many women, trimester two is the most exciting and comfortable time of their pregnancy, with welcome relief from symptoms experienced in trimester one and the first movements of their baby. Mothers may start to feel reduced breast tenderness, less nauseous, less fatigued and more energy, pregnancy hormones are naturally at work to help combat