remedial massage for back painRemedial Massage For Back Pain

Back pain or more specifically lower back pain (LBP) is actually not a disorder; rather it is a symptom of different physical conditions. It can develop as a result of an injury, poor posture and misalignment, lifting or forceful movement, general wear and tear of the back muscles supporting the spine or just sitting or standing in one position for many hours. It is estimated that 70%-90% of the Australian population will experience so-called lumbago at some stage in their lifetime. Remedial massage for back pain has proven to be effective in improving posture and flexibility, which ultimately helps ease the pain in the lower back.

remedial massage for back painHow Remedial Massage Therapy Helps LBP | Remedial Massage For Back Pain

Remedial massage therapists use a number of manual techniques such a deep and soft tissue massage, stretching, kneading, friction, trigger point therapy, and cupping to improve muscle tone and release pressure from the nerves, thereby easing back pain and improve posture and flexibility.

Short-Term & Long-Term Benefits of Remedial Massage For Back Pain

remedial massage melbourneA remedial massage therapist helps tense, damaged or restricted muscles by using various hands-on massage techniques. Whether you are suffering from acute LBP or have been experiencing it for a long time, remedial massage for back pain can be an effective treatment option for you in both the short as well as long-term. Short-term benefits of remedial massage include quick relief from the debilitating pain and discomfort and relaxation from stress, whereas long-term benefits include increased range of motion and released muscles for better flexibility and improved sleeping patterns.

Remedial massage therapists use a treatment approach that is tailored to the individuals needs and physical condition. They usually start will more natural, less-invasive massage techniques and can move on to some more intense massage modalities to achieve better results.

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