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We are pleased to announce that from late September we will be including yoga to our services at Melbourne Natural Therapies. We will be offering a comprehensive schedule of classes which will include hatha , slow flow hatha , vinyasa and yin yoga as well as maintaining our mat pilates classes. With before work, lunchtime, after work and weekend classes available we hope to have a class that suits your schedule.

Our Classes | Yoga Melbourne

Our yoga classes  focus on styles of yoga which promote correct movement quality, encourage spinal mobility, flexibility, body awareness and postural awareness. They are ideal for all body types, ages and genders, and poses can be modified for those carrying injury.

Our Pilates classes consist of a progressive repertoire of mat based exercises designed specifically to develop core strength in the deep abdominal and spinal muscles and learn to activate the glutes and postural muscles of the neck and upper back for improved core stabilisation, spinal mobility, flexibility, body awareness and posture. Pilates is also useful when recovering from injuries as well as prevention. As with our yoga classes, Pilates suits all ages and fitness levels.

Introduction | Yoga Melbourne

To introduce our new teachers and timetable we will be offering a great discount on classes later in the month so keep reading our mail outs and blog to take full advantage. We’ll also be posting to Facebook and Instagram so please like us and follow us to help spread the word.

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