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Although in theory, yoga & massage are two very distinct modalities, in practice, both of them have one thing in common – they both work on releasing muscular tension and reducing the related symptoms. For this reason, a growing number of patients who seek treatment at Melbourne Natural Therapies ask where they can do yoga classes in Melbourne classes in order to enhance the benefits of treatment.

Recent studies and research show that by using various treatment options such as stretching exercises, yoga & massage, and other physical therapies it is quite possible to effectively treat both acute and chronic pain. We offer many different Yoga classes in Melbourne to suit all levels of yoga practice some classes are focused on stretching exercises which train the body to maintain correct alignment, whereas others are more traditional classes focussing on yoga practice and meditation

How Yoga & Massage Complement Each Other:

  • Poor posture, poor lifting techniques, and slouching are a few of the main reasons that contribute to many back ailments. While a massage therapist helps to restore the correct posture and motion of the body, yoga focuses on improving the range of motion, flexibility, joint strength and balance thereby reinforcing the effects of treatment.
  • While the goal of massage is to achieve correct alignment and release trigger points, our yoga at Melbourne Natural Therapies complements this by improving balance and strength to maintain this in your day to day life.

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