Posture is a sign of many different things occurring in your body. Some causes of poor posture can arise from your physical habits and/or your emotional and stress related patterns.

Good posture is much more than simply sitting up straight or consciously adjusting yourself at your work station or chosen activity. Your ability to hold yourself correctly all day has much more to do with the tension and/or weakness in your muscles. Muscle tension can cause the muscles to also become weak as the tension makes the fibres in your muscles shorten thus making the overall ability of the muscle to contract limited. As a result you may not have the ability or strength to stand or sit correctly even when consciously trying to do so.

Releasing the tension in the muscles and maintaining them requires you to establish new patterns of movement between Massage / Myotherapy sessions. Becoming aware of your body and it’s imbalances during sessions is a vital part of creating real, lasting change.

Poor posture and the resulting misalignments within the body can also cause pain, discomfort and limited range of movement, this in turn can make you more susceptible to injury when participating in sports or other activities. Even if you have an accident or fall, the resulting injuries are influence by your alignment.

Sitting or standing at desks all day without having reasonable amounts of activity can also create poor habits in posture. In static positions we are more likely to do things unevenly, for example walking is generally one leg after the other(even movement), however in sitting or standing positions most people will have a tendency to lean to one side, cross the legs or support with one leg more than the other when standing. This can result in an increase of physical imbalance and as a result cause pain discomfort or injury.

If you are having any issues with pain or discomfort which you think may be related to your habits or posture at work please feel free to come in for a free postural assessment with one of our highly qualified staff.

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