Yoga And Pilates Classes

At Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies, we have been running small group mat Pilates for a long time and are now adding small group yoga classes to our schedule in September 2017.

Yoga And Pilates Classes

Our Yoga And Pilates Classes focus on retraining the deep abdominal muscles and muscles surrounding the spine and teaches you how to activate the glute muscles to stabilise the lower back and pelvis. Pilates is also fantastic at helping clients to develop an awareness of neutral lumbo-pelvic alignment which creates the best conditions for maintaining good posture and reducing the likelihood of lower back pain. Classes can also improve spinal alignment and the posture of the shoulders and improves the mobility and flexibility of the spine.

Adding yoga to our schedule in 2107, Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies will provide another type of small group exercise at convenient times, to help you achieve improved flexibility, balance and posture. Our yoga classes are designed to improve the way our clients move.

When taught by experienced practitioners in a small boutique studio, yoga can be a valuable tool to add to your health and wellness regime as hands-on guidance in the postures and asanas that make up a yoga class will improve body awareness and alignment. At Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies, we pride ourselves on creating a schedule of yoga classes which suit the needs of busy Melbourne office workers who want to get out of the office and stretch out muscles that have become tight from sitting behind the desk.

If you are living or working in Melbourne or Melbourne CBD and wish to improve your posture and develop better use of your body, you may find that small group classes in our new and improved Melbourne yoga and Pilates studio is just the thing for you.

If you would like to join our yoga classes, please visit our website to book or give us a call.

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