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All of our bones and muscles are surrounded by compact, tough tissue called Myofascia. Under normal conditions, the Myofascia is relaxed and soft and allows for easy movement and flexibility, however, when inflammation or physical trauma occurs, the Myofascia loses its pliability and creates stiffness, causing pain and tension throughout the body. The pain associated with Myofascial tissue is called Myofascial pain. The myofascial pain can be triggered by a number of factors and can result in a number of conditions. The Myotherapists working at Melbourne Natural Therapies are able to effectively restore and maintain the normal integrity of the Myofascia by utilising a range of treatment techniques.

Let’s have a look at some of the conditions that can be effectively treated by Myotherapy:

Chronic Back Pain

Back pain affects most people at some stage in their lives, sometimes it’s mild in nature, other times it can be acute and very debilitating. It can erupt as a result of injury, pregnancy, over-exertion, or sitting in a bad position for extended periods. Whatever the reason, our Myotherapists at Melbourne Natural Therapies can use various techniques such as trigger point therapy, cupping and dry needling along with massage and acupressure to ease your back pain.

Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

Tennis Elbow also referred to as lateral epicondylitis and Golfer’s Elbow also referred to as medial epicondylitis are the two main injuries associated with overuse resulting in elbow pain and parts of the forearm. Both of these injuries are caused by overuse of the elbow joint which causes small tears in the tendons – small tissues that connect elbow muscles to the bone. Instead of simply giving you anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers, Myotherapists focus on releasing trigger points in the affected muscles and use various modalities in the treatment and prevention of Golfer’s elbow and Tennis elbow.

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