remedial massage for runners

In the world of athletics in general, but running in particular, stamina, muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility are crucial to make sure you cross that finishing line and do so without injury. Running requires your muscles (particularly your leg muscles) to be in prime condition to take the sustained, repetitive muscle contractions that generate the speed and power allowing you to run further and faster. Remedial massage can help you to relax tense muscles, remove adhesions, restore joint range of motion, and improve blood circulation, thereby significantly improving your running performance. 

Benefits of Remedial Massage for Runners

Whether you are a pro runner or you are just starting on your running journey, you can benefit from remedial massage. From boosting performance to preventing injuries, here’s the low down:

Improves Blood Circulation 

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Remedial massage can elicit very specific physiological responses, for example, it can cause an increase in the diameter of blood vessels, increasing blood circulation, and decreasing blood pressure. When blood circulation to a specific area is improved, oxygen transfer, nutrient delivery and waste removal at the cellular level is improved; as a result fatigued and injured muscles are rejuvenated. 

Relieves Muscle Tightness/Tension

Remedial massage for runners helps to stretch and lengthen your muscles in a much deeper and more specific way. Muscle tension/tightness can restrict your range of motion and can also restrict movement, this, in turn, can lead to abnormal movement or excessive load on the muscles and can become the cause of overuse injuries. 

Speeds up the Recovery Process

Overuse injuries are a nightmare for runners. Even with routine practice, proper warm-ups, and stretching, it’s hard to avoid sports injuries. Thankfully remedial massage can speed up the recovery process for runners.

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