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Deep tissue massage is a type of therapeutic massage that uses deeper pressure and slow strokes on the affected area in order to ease muscle tension and relieve pain. This type of massage is best suited for those who have aches and pains from tight or overused muscles, issues can include lower back pain, neck pain, sore shoulders, upper back pain and those who participate in high pressure physical activities, such as swimming, running, weight lifting etc. You can also schedule a couples massage with your partner and reap the health benefits of massage therapy together. For those that have never tried it, a couples massage session is very enjoyable and bonding, that add really nicely to the aforementioned health benefits.

As deep tissue massage uses more pressure than relaxation or swedish massage, it is not for those looking for a relaxation session. The massage therapist applies enough pressure to the affected area to stretch the deeper muscles and help to break down scar tissue and “knots” that cause pain and inflammation and affect range of motion. The massage therapist may use his/her forearms, knuckles, elbows, hands, and fingertips to apply firm pressure to the targeted area, this may result in some soreness afterward.

Are There Side effects From Deep Tissue Massage?

Though massage is very safe and effective, deep tissue massage can have some minor side effects. As deep tissue massage uses firm pressure, the client may feel some lingering soreness for a few days. If you are someone with a history of blood clotting, have cancer or are taking blood thinners, you need to speak with your doctor before receiving deep tissue massage. Pregnant women are also not advised to have deep tissue massage during their pregnancy as it can be a little too intense. 

Is It Normal To Be Sore After A Deep Tissue Massage

It is quite normal for your muscles to be sore or stiff after a deep tissue massage session as your muscles go through a rigorous workout during the session. The soreness or stiffness of the muscles, however, should be mild or moderate and should fade away over a day or 2 following treatment.

Skin redness and minor marking is a common side effect of DTM. Skin redness is the result of the increased circulation and pressure that is applied to the affected area of the body. 

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