Remedial Massage for CyclistsTight muscles can be caused by a range of things, from poor posture, repetitive movements, too much exercise or even too little exercise! When a cyclist’s muscles are tight they will feel restricted, fatigue more quickly and be more likely to suffer injury as the tissues are less responsive to the load you require of them. If you are suffering from tight muscles when you’re cycling to work, your commute will likely feel harder than it ought to or leave you feeling exhausted when you reach your destination.

How Does It Help?

Remedial massage can stretch the tight muscles by releasing trigger points and knots and as a result help to restore flexibility and strength. More flexible muscles are less likely to become strained and are more responsive to the efforts required of them like pedalling uphill or picking up speed. Regular massage can allow you to improve your strength, speed or endurance without the risk of injury or at the very least just keep you cycling more comfortably.

If you would like to try a remedial massage, Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies has 2 convenient locations:

Mid Level Southgate,
16/3 Southgate Ave,
3/313 Little Collins St,

Please book online or call the clinic on (03) 9645 9923


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